Annette Mertz

I am an IFTA Certified Personal Trainer. I am grateful for the ability to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and I enjoy sharing my passion for fitness with others.Having been involved with fitness my entire life, both early on in dance, and later in multiple facets of
fitness, I have many years of experience in both cardio and strength training.I enjoy working with the unique qualities and personal stories each client brings to training sessions. I find it very rewarding to see people who often start with a little doubt/fear/apprehension and watching them develop confidence, strength, and smiles! One step at a time, one day at a time, it is truly possible as long as you are willing to commit to making it happen! Remember, “Deciding is not doing, and wanting is not choosing. Transformation will take place not because of what you decide you want, but because of what you choose to do!” (Zen Proverb) Why wait, let’s start today!
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