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Excel Body Fitness offers complete Corporate Wellness Solutions. Provide Tailored solutions with their employee wellness programs. Employee wellness programs are gaining traction in the corporate sphere, and for good reason. At Excel Fitness, our staff wellbeing programs are designed to enhance employee fitness. With our help, your organization can build a culture where everyone feels empowered to contribute to their company’s success. We employ seasoned professionals who are well versed with different types of company wellness programs and can seamlessly address the requirements of your employees.

Enhance Employee Productivity with Better Fitness

At Excel Body Fitness, we provide corporate wellness solutions with workplace wellness activities for employees based on models such as HealthFitness and EXOS. We believe that employee well-being and productivity go hand in hand, influencing the bottom line in the short and long term.

We have a solid track record of helping multiple organizations through our workplace wellness programs and can do the same for you! With our tried and tested services, you don’t just improve employee wellbeing. In fact, our programs can help boost employee morale, increase overall productivity, and attract talented candidates who value a health-focused company culture.


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A Look at Our Employee Wellness Services

We take great pride in transforming employee’s physical and mental wellness for maximum productivity through our tailored corporate wellness solutions.

On Site Chair Massage

On site chair massages can work wonders for employees and improve their mood and productivity in a matter of minutes. At Excel Body Fitness, we have licensed massage therapists who are trained to provide massage therapy as a way to reduce employee stress. It’s linked to

  • increased focus
  • lower blood pressure
  • improved posture

We have a streamlined process to schedule chair massages for businesses of different sizes. Our team manages scheduling, using advanced software that doesn’t require involvement by your HR department. Call us or write us an email for any specific questions regarding our chair massage services, scheduling etc., and our representatives will respond quickly.

Workplace Gym Design and Management

Designing and managing a workplace gym is best left to the professionals. Excel Body Fitness’s team has designed a multitude of gyms for its corporate clients, creating spaces where employees can train their body and minds. With years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to create a workplace gym that your teams will love.

Our professionals are well-versed in the fitness needs of different people. We design gyms with the latest equipment, specialized trainers, and workout programs to address different demands. If you plan to introduce wellness initiatives at work, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us.

Group and Personal Fitness Training

Encouraging your employees to train together is a great way to promote teamwork and accountability. Our fitness experts have conducted numerous work wellness programs for different organizations while making sure that every participant felt motivated for the next session. Some people need individual attention to reach their fitness goals. With Excel Body Fitness’s services, you will have access to multiple personal trainers who can help your employees reach their fitness goals. Whether it’s cardio training, bodyweight exercises, or anything else, our experts will make sure that your teams are following carefully devised workout routines.

Cooking Demo and Nutritionist

At Excel Body Fitness, we believe in fueling your fitness journey with the right nutrition. Our Cooking Demonstration and Nutritionist service offers expert-led sessions that combine culinary skills with nutritional science. With our help, your employees can learn to prepare delicious, balanced meals that support your fitness goals.

Our professional nutritionists provide personalized dietary advice, helping your teams make informed choices about their health and wellness. Join us to discover practical cooking tips, sample nutritious recipes, and gain valuable insights into optimizing your diet.

Chiropractic Service

Excel Body Fitness is dedicated to helping your teams feel energized and well-rested. We understand how being at your seat for eight hours a day can take a toll on your body. Our Chiropractic services focus on enhancing physical well-being through expert spinal adjustments and holistic care. Our certified chiropractors specialize in alleviating pain, improving posture, and boosting overall mobility.

Whether your team members are dealing with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or seeking preventive care, our tailored chiropractic treatments are designed to support their fitness lifestyle. Experience the benefits of better spinal alignment and improved physical performance for your team members.

Health and Wellness Presentations

Conducting health and wellness presentations is arguably one of the most important health and wellness activities for employees. Sure, working out and getting massages regularly is good, but learning about health and wellness is just as important.

When you choose Excel Body Fitness for your organization’s corporate health wellness programs, you can expect us to conduct regular seminars where we will teach your workers about the importance of pursuing health-related goals with consistency. Our pros will also talk about other important topics like balancing work and well-being, eating healthy and more.


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Between the stretching exercises in the morning and massages I have experienced pain relief in my back and shoulders. I hope you will all try a massage at least once, I have gone to both therapists and they are both excellent.

Excel is second to none!!

Excel is second to none!!! Carolee and Pantea are wonderful, supportive and inspiring mentors. The classes are excellent...just an overall wonderful place.
Peggy Turbides

A great experience and many levels

A great experience and many levels e.g., committed instructors, creative challenging classes that are regularly updated, members treated like family, positive atmosphere, all levels welcome, and much more......
Robert Alinovi

Carolee is an awesome instructor

Carolee is an awesome instructor. She keeps her class motivated and makes sure that every student is doing the exercises properly.
Tammy Petschke

I truly cherish kickstarting my day

Carolee shares daily her positive attitude and happy smile as she consistently goes above and beyond in each of her classes demonstrating correct techniques, modifications for myself & any who need it, and unending support for me and every single person in class. I truly cherish kickstarting my day in her daily classes.
LeeAnne Shanks

Great vibe! Great class and cool people!!

Carolee is without a doubt the most committed and caring trainer, teacher, owner I have had the pleasure of knowing. She truly knows each and every member and truly cares!
Lonni Farina

team at Excel is top notch!

Excel is always challenging. Always changes things up so there is no chance for you or your muscles to be complacent. Always full with people to motivate you, laugh with you or push you to be your best! We love Carolee and Pantea and you can tell how much their care about their members. From a friendly welcome to checking in on you if you've had an injury or other setback -- the team at Excel is top notch!
Meghan Arndts

They pay attention!

I love Excel! Everyone is friendly and encouraging, helping you along in your fitness journey. They pay attention if you have any health issues that mean you need to modify the routines so you don't hurt yourself. It's a great place to workout. I recommend it for everyone, any fitness level.
Samantha Cruff

I absolutely love Excel body fitness!

I absolutely love Excel body fitness! They have such friendly helpful staff. Although challenging, I love the workouts and Carolee and the rest of the team are awesome! So happy With this business, I signed up for a year of fitness training.
Nicola Swift

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