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Annette Mertz

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Annette Mertz


I am an IFTA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Trainer. I am grateful for the ability to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and I enjoy sharing my passion for fitness with others.Having been involved with fitness my entire life, both early on in dance, and later in multiple facets of fitness, I have many years of experience in both cardio and strength training.I enjoy working with the unique qualities and personal stories each client brings to training sessions. I find it very rewarding to see people who often start with a little doubt/fear/apprehension and watching them develop confidence, strength, and smiles! One step at a time, one day at a time, it is truly possible as long as you are willing to commit to making it happen! Remember, “Deciding is not doing, and wanting is not choosing. Transformation will take place not because of what you decide you want, but because of what you choose to do!” (Zen Proverb) Why wait, let’s start today!
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If you have any questions about Annette Mertz personal training packages, and/or would like to schedule a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING ASSESSMENT, email Annette at annette@excelbodyfitness.com

Reviews :-

“Annette customizes my workouts for me and my physical limitations. No cookie-cutter training. She provides an excellent balance of effective exercising and mindful planning. I think she is an excellent trainer!” – Bethany H.

“I have known Annette personally as well as professionally for over 20 years. She has always been a leader who inspires one to better themselves in all phases of life. Her passion for a strong healthy lifestyle has been an inspiration to all who know her. I would highly recommend working with Annette.” – Vicki S.

“Annette worked with me after returning from several deployments to Iraq and helped me get back into great shape every time. She also helped me rehab from back surgery last year and I feel better than I’ve felt in a decade. Her enthusiasm, upbeat personality and knowledge of anatomy and exercise principles make her an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for someone to help them achieve their fitness goals or to recover from an injury. She is also quite knowledgeable about nutrition and an overall fun and nice person to work with. Make no mistake, she will challenge you to be your best. If I were still in the Raleigh area I would still be working with her.” – Jeff H.

“Starting a workout program can be awkward and uncomfortable. Annette was professional and took the time to listen to my needs and develop a program that is both fun and challenging.” – Terri B.

“Attention to detail, quality, and welcoming are how I’d explain the work ethics of Annette. Right away, she made me feel at home. She’s wonderful, as being a disabled veteran, she took her time while explaining the benefits of each exercise and how they would improve my quality of life and health. I’m going back to see her for sure.” – Gregg L.

“I started strength-training sessions with Annette as a gift from my family. It was the best present I received this year. Annette had all the qualities I would have hoped for in a fitness coach. She reviewed my fitness goals and made suitable suggestions. She challenged me and was a great motivator. She recognized my physical weaknesses and limitations and provided a plan to strengthen those weak points. She was firm, but empathetic. Most importantly, she is helping me achieve results. I would definitely recommend Annette to anyone looking to get fit and energized.” – Johanne

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