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Theodora Precup, Fitness Instructor

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Personal Training, Massage, and Nutrition near Cary Morrisville

Theodora Precup


Hi, I’m Theodora... you can call me Thea. I’m your legal drug dealer — AKA pharmacist! BUT I want to see fewer of you in my pharmacy and more of you in the gym! Seriously, over 2/3rds of adults in the US are overweight and have to get on medications for blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Not every illness is preventable, but SO much of it can be prevented— or at least significantly improved—by a balanced lifestyle (good nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, etc).

My goal is to help people feel their best and as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, I have the tools to make that happen! In addition to being a personal trainer, I’ve also competed in bikini contests for 3 straight years! Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone, compete in bikini, or improve your lifestyle, my workout plans are customized to your needs and desires.

Want to make a change and start prioritizing your health and fitness? Reach out to me at TheAdorablyFit@gmail.com and we’ll get started with a FREE personal training consultation!

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