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Yelp Fit Club 2016 Reviews

Gina M.Yelp Fit Club 2016

Gina M.

Raleigh, NC

  • Are you a little over-stressed? Do you need a little more cardio in your life? Do you like constant motivation? If so, I would recommend Excel Body Fitness for your next workout. I have to say I feel tired, dirty, and I know I will feel sore tomorrow, but in that good way that lets you know you actually accomplished something. It was a fantastic workout. 

    With plenty of punching, push-ups, and aerobics, this was a full-body work out. The instructors were always nearby providing support and motivation. If I have any complaint about the session, it is that I felt slightly overcrowded during some of the boxing on the punching bag. I appreciate that they were squeezing in as many Yelpers as they could in this class but at certain times, I did feel that I may have been distracted in ensuring I did not harm or was not in the way of my fellow boxers rather than focusing on my workout. It was a full house tonight but it might not be overcrowding during their normal sessions. I enjoyed the music and it helped get into the grove of the workout. 

    Great place to get fit!


Durham, NC

I left Excel Body Fitness tonight feeling on top of the world! You just can’t beat the feeling of walking away from an incredible workout. Who knew feeling sweaty, hot, hungry and tired mix together for a crazy good combination. I think my first thoughts after the hour long boxing workout where: wow, that was intense and damn, that was a good workout. Here’s how the night went down.

The studio is located on a side street off Weston Ave., the entrance is in the front (facing Sheldon) but you might have to park around the back and follow the signs to the front of the building. Excel looks to offer a gym space (with free weights, treadmills, bicycles, etc) but I am under the impression after tonight that their focus is on group classes. Honestly, that was a downside coming off the evening, I don’t feel like I learned much about the studio itself, it was an awesome workout and I LOVED the trainers, but I wish they would’ve told us about the studio itself (maybe I missed that–I arrived about five minutes till showtime). The ladies bathroom offers a shower and all your grooming needs and they have open “cubbies” to store your items during your workout. 

Lilly greeted all the lovely (pre-workout…post-workout we were NOT lovely) with treats, I was able to snag a Kind Bar and some Pretzel Crisps. And the workout began: we literally jumped right in. I think as a pretty active person who attends a lot of classes and has a little experience with kickboxing, I picked it up pretty quickly. However, if I hadn’t had this experience, it would’ve been intimidating. I loved the routines, switching sides (not always being on your dominate side) and in-between cardio segments (high knees, runners, jumping jacks, etc). You are continuously moving, for a FULL hour. “Routines” last the length of a song and can get pretty complex, some took me a couple rounds to catch onto. But man, once you’re in the grove, it’s beatmode. Plus, the instructors were really helpful to come up to individuals and point out moves and help to motivate. I LOVE motivational instructors, and ours were no exception. The main instructor and her co-helper were great, they definitely pushed me and kept me going (even past that 45 minutes mark!) My one comment, the music was so loud, my ears were ringing at the end. But overall, a fantastic workout, looking forward to seeing how I’m feeling tomorrow!


Crystal R.Yelp Fit Club 2016

Crystal R.

Raleigh, NC

My experience with the boxing fitness class at Excel Body Fitness was amazing! I left feeling as though I had accomplished such a huge feat, which it was! I’m used to doing more cardio/running when it comes to workouts so this was definitely a challenge for me (but a great one). I loved the instructor and her co-helper, they motivated me to continue the workout the ENTIRE 60 minutes and helped me with my techniques (more than a few times). The music was super loud and set to the different combinations which helped me to try and keep myself focused and continue to push through. I’ve never boxed before either so learning the complex combinations took a bit of time and concentration but I felt as though the instructor and helped were always available for guidance and assistance. The “fitness” part of boxing fitness included cardio and strength exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, planks, as well as many stretches. I liked the idea of boxing fitness as it literally meant we kept moving without rest. Of course you could rest if you needed to but our instructor encouraged us to keep moving even if you’re tired…. May sound a bit harsh but I found it really motivational.

Thinking back to the experience now, I really wished this location were more convenient for me to come on a regular basis. I may still try and check them out for my cross training days and would highly recommend the boxing fitness class for those wanting an intense but rewarding workout! And FYI: if you give it your all, you will definitely be sore the next day!

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