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Some Tips for Your Plank Form!

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The plank is one of the most popular exercises people perform in the gym. Although we tend to think of the plank as working the core, it actually works our full body! This makes form even more important when performing this exercise. If one part of the body is out of alignment then you won’t get the full benefits. 

Here we have our co-owner and designer of our X-Series Classes, Carolee, showing us the do’s and don’ts of a plank. Check out our list below for tips on proper form and watch the video as Carolee guides you through proper alignment. 

Don'ts of Plank:

  • Arch your Back

  • Clasp the hands together (which causes rounding in the shoulders)

  • Lift the neck up

  • Sag the hips to the ground

  • Hold your breath

  • Lift shoulders up towards the ears. 

  • Peak the hips up towards the ceiling

Do’s of Plank:

  • Keep your body in one line

  • Breath the whole time

  • Keep elbows directly underneath the shoulders, arms shoulder width apart, and palms flat on the floor. 

  • Push the heels back

  • Engage your core.

  • Squeeze glutes and quads. 

  • Use a mirror or your phone camera to check your form. 

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