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Massage Therapy for Sports, Injury, Muscle Soreness

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Massage Therapy for Sports, Injury, Muscle Soreness

We all know how beneficial massage therapy is for relaxation & stress relief, but how about the endless amount of benefits massage can give for those who deal with injuries or muscle soreness.

Exercising is very beneficial to the body but intense workouts come with muscle soreness and sometimes injury. A massage here at Excel Body Fitness in the Cary and Morrisville area is sure to get you feeling brand new again!


  • Improved Blood Flow

  • Faster Muscle Recovery

  • Decreased Inflammation

  • Reduces Aches and Pains

  • Decreases Muscle Soreness

Next time your body could use a good sports massage, set up an appointment with our very own licensed therapist, Marcie! Marcie is extremely knowledgeable in her practice and knows exactly what muscle groups and areas to hit in order to find releif.


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