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The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear

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The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear

Having the right gear to compliment your workout is extremely important, not only for the aesthetics, but for comfort and range of motion as well! We all know there is nothing worse than being halfway through a workout and realizing you aren't quite comfortable. 


One of the key components to a good piece of workout gear is the fabric and feel. When looking for tops and bottoms, sway away from cotton as it tends to show sweat and does not keep you insulated and cooled. Look for polyester based fabrics as they are sweat-wicking, durable, and absorb moisture. 

Convenience and Practicality:

Mens workout gear is almost always equipped with pockets, zippers, and drawstrings but what about for the ladies? Workout brands have actually come out with many different practical pieces of gear for women that are fashionable as well. Look for leggings with built in pockets on the leg, lower back, or calf area. These pockets can be used to store your phone during a workout or to warm up your hands when it's cold outside! Many shorts and leggings now come with a hidden drawstring in the waistband to tighten or loosen your clothing depending on where you are in your fitness journey.


Look good, feel good, right?! Many brands such as lululemon, fabletics, alo, and bandier carry some of the trendiest and highest quality workout gear on the market! Not only are these brands stylish, but they are comfortable as well. With a wide selection of colors, patterns, and fabrics, you are sure to find an outfit that fits your own personal style. 


We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your workouts here at Excel Body Fitness in Cary/Morrisville and we can't wait to see you repping your new gear!

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