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How to Reward Yourself After a Streak of Workouts:

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How to Reward Yourself After a Streak of Workouts:

For many of us, we need more than progress as our reward for making it to the gym, especially when you are trying to establish a new routine. Working out will give you the natural high that will become the reward after the first few months. But to start, and before you have established a routine, you might need some incentives to keep yourself motivated.  Whether it's a healthy version of your favorite meal, an episode of your favorite netflix show, or a new piece of workout gear, we are sure that these small additions will keep you motivated to keep pushing until you have a routine established. 

Think of brushing your teeth. When you were young, your parents would buy the sweet tooth paste and a fun toothbrush to motivate you until it became a routine. You want to do the same thing with working out.

Comfort Food:

We all have that one meal that makes us feel comfortable… Whether it's your mom's old recipe, or one you've whipped up yourself, this can be a great way to treat yourself after completing x amount of workouts here at Excel Body Fitness in Cary / Morrisville. For example, take your traditional spaghetti and meatballs and replace them with zucchini spirals and turkey meatballs for a meal that’s just as tasty and satisfying.


Allow yourself to watch a couple episodes of your favorite TV show, go see a movie, get a massage, or treat yourself to a mani-pedi! Small acts of self-care can be the boost you need to keep working towards your goals. 

New Workout Gear:

There is truly nothing more motivating than working out in gear that makes you feel like a million bucks! After a long week of workouts, treat yourself to an athletic outfit that you feel great in. Nowadays, almost every clothing brand on the market has their own athleisure line! This makes it easier and more convenient than ever to find gear that suits you and your lifestyle. 


Here at Excel Body Fitness, we understand that getting through the month’s worth of workouts can be challenging, and sometimes a reward is necessary to keep going! We hope that you take these ideas and make it a priority to treat yourself! We see all of your hard work and dedication and we are proud of you. 

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