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Can you workout in the morning while intermittent fasting? YES

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Can you workout in the morning while intermittent fasting? YES

One of the biggest questions regarding Intermittent Fasting is whether or not you can workout while doing so- the short answer is absolutley! 

Working out while fasting has many benefits that will advance you further into your fitness journey:

  1. Your Workout Performance is Improved

When you workout in a fasted state, your body actually releases more of the human growth hormone or HGH, which will harbor an ideal environment for building muscle and losing fat. 

  1. Your Body Will Burn Fat More Efficiently: 

When you train in a fasted state, your body's ability to burn fat skyrockets. This is due to the lack of glucose in your system. Your body will use your fat for energy rather than glucose. 

  1. Stronger Endurance:

Studies have shown that those who workout fasted slowly build a stronger VO2 max (your body’s endurance capacity) than those who do not workout fasted.

Here at Excel Body Fitness in Cary/Morrisville, we highly recommend ProLon, a 5-day fast mimicking diet that allows your body to nourish itself and rejuvenate your cells. Not only is this program unique in the sense that you are allotted meals, but it is plant-based as well! Keep in mind that while on the 5-day ProLon Fast, it is recommended to stick to light or no exercise. But, after the fast ends, you will reap all the benefits in your workouts! 

To order your Prolon, use the following steps:

  1.  Go to: https://prolonfmd.com/

  2. Add your kit to the shopping cart

  3. Enter code Excel into the coupon code box to receive your special discount.

  4. Once your order is placed, send us an email confirming your purchase. Then we will send you the recipe book and FAQ files.

Let us know if you have any questions at info@excelbodyfitness.com or call us at 919-677-8585!

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