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How Much Exercise is Too Much?

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When beginning your fitness journey, one of the most important factors to consider is how much you should be exercising. Many people tend to over or under do it, leading to unsatisfactory results. We want you to achieve your goals and become the best you can be!

Over-exercising can cause:

  • Failure to recover

  • Amenorrhea (Loss of menstruation in women)

  • Muscle strains/sprains

  • Irritability

  • Stress

  • Sickness

Lucky for you, here at Excel Body Fitness in Cary/Morrisville, we do the work for you! Our Group Fitness program, X-Series, is specifically designed to ensure you get the most out of your time. With a 5-day/week set-up, your rest is integrated for you, which ensures you will have optimal muscle recovery. 

It has been shown that exercising 5 days a week is ideal for achieving optimal results. By having 2 days of rest, you are allowing your body to properly recover and build strong muscle to keep moving forward! 

If you can't make it one of the 5 days in the week, don't fret! We hold a non x-series class on Saturday’s that is included in your gold-membership. You are also more than welcome to create your own workout in our Bronze area. Plus, if you aren't quite ready for group fitness, we house amazing personal trainers who will create the perfect workout split for YOU!

For your optimum selfcare, we also have massage therapy and you can always receive a sports massage or relaxation massage for a perfect recovery!

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