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Using the SMART Method for New Years Resolutions

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Joining Excel Body Fitness is one of the best way’s to kickstart your New Years Goals and launch your way into creating better habits and becoming the best version of yourself. When setting these goals, it is important to use the SMART method in order to assure you are creating attainable goals. 

So, what does SMART stand for?

S- specific

When thinking about your goals, have a SPECIFIC idea in mind. Rather than saying “I want to tone up”, say, “I want to create muscle growth and definition in my legs, arms, and back.” With specifying your goal, you are more likely to take the exact steps needed to achieve them. 

M- measurable 

Making sure your goals are measurable is also a key part in this process. You can measure your goals with pounds, percentages, etc. 

A- Attainable

Your goals have to be attainable and within reach considering restraints of money, time, lifestyle, and environment. 

R- Realistic

Make sure your goals are realistic and align with your lifestyle. Once you achieve these goals, you want to ensure that you can maintain them while still enjoying life. 

T- Time bound

Set a specific time that you want to achieve this goal. 

Before using the SMART method:

I want to be active. 

After using the SMART method:

I want to exercise for 45 minutes each day, four days a week by the end of 2022 and maintain this schedule through 2023. 

Then, pick the 4 days on your calendar and schedule the 45 minute workout on each of those days and block your calendar for those 45 minutes. This way, you cannot accidentally double book yourself.

We can assure you that implementing the SMART goal method into your journey will help push you even closer to achieving your fitness goals! To get started on your healthy journey, feel free to book a free personal training session with one of our Personal Trainer by either calling us at 919-677-8585 or emailing us at info@excelbodyfitness.com.


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