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Excel's New Year Challenge

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Happy and Healthy New Year! This year, Excel Body Fitness will be hosting a challenge that is designed to reset your body and jump-start from the holiday season! Carolee, co-owner and Group Fitness director, will be doing 4 consecutive months of the Prolon 5 day Mimicking Fast. This diet consists of soups, fasting bars, teas, olives, and specific crackers that you will eat each day. Everything is Vegan. The first fast will begin the weekend of January 8th. Some individuals will start on a Saturday, Sunday, or do the 5 days through the week.

  • There is a box for each of the days and they are labeled from 1 to 5. Each day has a different soup and other things to eat.

  • The point of the fast is to achieve cellular rejuvenation. This means that the body starts cleaning itself and purging things that it doesn't need. This 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) accomplishes this because it only provides the body with the essential nutrients it needs. When the body receives nutrients that promote cellular/muscle growth, it doesn't have time to clean up the cells in the body. 

  • During the fast, it's recommended that you don't engage in vigorous activity. This can hinder cellular rejuvenation and promote cellular growth. Activities you can do during the fast include yoga and pilates, both in which Carolee has recordings for. Some members still come to the gym and I can provide you with a plan and a few attachments for you to review.


How to sign up –

  1. Email Carolee that you are in and she will add you to the list

  2. Below is how to order

  3. Schedule a weigh in before you start. Most members have started over the weekend, but we can decide that once you sign up. My plan is for whoever signs up we start the weekend of January 8th.



In partnership with L-Nutra, we are delighted to introduce an easier way to purchase ProLon online at the very best prices.  With this new digital platform, the following will be available to you:

  • Receive the best available ProLon price through our link.

  • Schedule a FREE Health Coach session

    • 1 FAQ coaching session with 1 MTh purchase.

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    • 5  more in-depth coaching sessions with 4 MTh program purchase.

  • Spread payments for 4 MThs.

  • Free shipment-direct to your home or business

**It is important to remember, to receive the best results you must follow the program that has been recommended to you. 

To activate this new platform, please follow the following steps:

  1. Click on this link: https://www.prolonfmd.com/products/prolon-professionals


  1. When prompted, complete the following:

    1. Enter: Pantea for the First name.

    2. Enter: Dougani for the Last name.

    3. No need to enter city

    4. Click SELECT when my name is on the screen

  2. Follow the prompts to select the ProLon product we have recommended

  3. Complete your purchase.

  4. Once you complete your purchase you will receive a link to speak with a coach

  5. Get started on your journey with me towards a healthier mind and body for 2022!


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