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Motivated Mindset Tips for a Fit Life!

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Motivated Mindset Tips for a Fit Life!

Sometimes it can be hard to get yourself motivated to start working out and continuing those habits. Here at Excel we strive to help you achieve all of your goals! Read below to get inspired on ways to build healthy habits and a fitness mindset. 

Tricks to make exercise a habit 

  1. Start with mini workouts 

    1. This could be anything from crunches while watching TV, or Squats when folding laundry or washing dishes. It is easier to convince yourself to do a 5 minute workout than a 30 minute workout, by doing this you are conditioning your mind and body to get moving and motivated to move. 

  2. Focus your goals

    1. Set concrete, attainable goals for yourself, setting a goal a little too high can have the opposite effect. Include small process goals alongside your outcome goals to stay motivated!

  3. Go with the flow 

    1. Whether you are late for class or got the wrong times don’t let that defeat you and cause you to not work out that day. Go with the flow of the day, anything can happen! Sometimes the best workouts are the ones we never planned!

5 tricks to build a fitness mindset 

  1. Take time to be aware of the thoughts going through your mind. If they are negative, turn them around and make them positive! Write them down as reminders.

  2. Don’t set too many goals at once. 1 final outcome goal is good but including small process goals is what will keep you motivated!

  3. Ditch the all-or-nothing mindset- Consistency is the key, not perfection, and certainly not overcommitting. Rest days are still a part of fitness.

  4. Focus on the process more than the results. Little accomplishments can be found everywhere!

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