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Corporate Wellness with Excel

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Corporate Wellness with Excel

Here at Excel Body Fitness, our main goal is to provide total body and mind wellness. Offering classes from cardio, kickboxing to yoga and breathwork. We don’t stop there, Excel now provides corporate wellness. 

What exactly is corporate wellness? 

Through Excel Body Fitness, companies can source professionals in Massage, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine, Personal Training, and much more. We also manage set up and manage the employee yearly health fair. We source and find the top specialists in the area to provide your company with any of the services that you see fit for your demographics.

What is the ROI on employee wellness programs?

According to Jennifer Schaefer who wrote an article in  https://www.shrm.org/ in February 24, 2015, titled, The Real ROI for Employee Wellness Programs, Greater employee productivity could far outpace health care savings, the return on investment is $1.50 for every $1 spent on employee wellness programs. In this article she states: “When employees aren’t feeling well, either physically or emotionally, their productivity declines. Consider the difference between an employee who rolls out of bed and drags in to work versus an employee who exercises before coming to work. Exercise produces natural opiates or endorphins, which increase energy, enhance mood and promote overall wellness. The result? The employee who is exercising, and typically healthier as a result, will likely show up to work with more energy and enhanced positivity.”

What are  Employee Wellness fairs and how do theyr work? 

Improving the employees’ health is a priority for corporations because it will reduce cost and increase productivity. These events are designed to be informative and resourceful. Some ideas that corporations can implement in their health fairs are, Chair massage, Reflexology, use of a Chiropractor to emphasise the importance of a good posture. A nutritionist or a registered dietitian can also do a cooking demo for the employees to show how they can make easy and nutritious meals for the entire family is less than 30 minutes.  A fitness class would be a great addition as well as a meditation session for stress management.  

Are you interested in starting an employee health fair? 

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