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increase your organization’s employee satisfaction rate and reduce healthcare costs

At Excel Body Fitness, we aim to transform the well-being of your employees through cutting-edge corporate employee wellness programs. We are an established fitness studio with over a decade of experience, serving local and national corporations. Through our custom-designed, result-oriented corporate wellness services and fitness programs, you can improve the overall well-being of your employees.


Uniquely-Designed Corporate Employee Wellness

We are a HUB-certified business that offers its corporate wellness services across the United States and Canada. Our clientele is rapidly growing, all thanks to the unique workplace wellness programs we design, to improve employee well-being. By choosing our corporate employee wellness programs, you can expect:

  • An increase in the productivity of your employees
  • Significant decrease in their tardiness
  • Improvement in the morale of your employees
  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Lower rates of work absenteeism
  • Healthy and thriving workplace culture
  • Healthier and satisfied employees
  • Enhanced health and wellness mirroring your business growth
  • And fewer health problems among employees

All of this contributes to improving the bottom line of your organization. So let’s energize your team’s body and mind with our custom-tailored corporate wellness program.


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Create a Culture of Health and Wellness in the Workplace with Excel Fitness

No matter how positive of an environment your workplace may have, there are times when things can get stressful. In fact, we’ve seen cases of employees who don’t leave their seats for hours, spending their lunch breaks at their desks. Unfortunately, this can affect posture and cause an array of health problems, which in turn impact productivity.


Reasons to Choose Excel Fitness for Staff Well-Being Programs

At Excel Body Fitness, we have the expertise required to promote a culture where employees focus on their well-being just as much as their daily tasks.

Here are some of the things you can expect by bringing our seasoned team on board while providing cutting-edge and robust corporate employee wellness programs:

  • Professional and Custom Approach Towards Employee Wellness
  • Quick and Effective Results
  • Promotion of Healthy Competition Among Employees
  • Corp Wellness Programs Tailored for Different Age Groups
  • Noticeable Reduction in Healthcare Related Expenses
  • Upper Hand over the Competition

These are just some of the many perks of choosing us for your corporate wellness programs. If you want to find out what else we can do for you, please call us or drop us an email and we will get back to you soon!

Fun Health and Wellness Activities Perosnalized for Employees

Employees want to escape the mundanities of their daily work life, so the last thing they want is to participate in tiring health and wellness activities. We are well aware of this and make sure that our team creates fun and exciting programs that your employees can look forward to!

Our licensed trainers change things up quite regularly to make sure every session is worth your time and leaves a lasting impression on your employees. Whether it’s a yoga session, cardio workout or weight training routine, the trainers introduce just the right amount of variety and challenge. They make sure that everyone can get a good workout in and feel fresh throughout the day. 


Staff Well Being Programs Modeled After the Best

The corporate employee wellness programs that we create are modeled after the top corporate wellness companies, such as HealthFitness and EXOS. However, we also bring something of our own to the mix, making sure that our offerings can benefit clients in multiple ways. We instruct our team to conduct regular health assessments to determine the kind of plan Excel Body Fitness should create. If someone needs one-on-one fitness sessions, we’re happy to facilitate them. Through our corporate wellness services, we ensure their individual wellness needs are properly addressed.


Injury Prevention Routines to Keep Employees in Tip Top Shape

While Excel Body Fitness always stresses on the importance of exercise, we also believe in taking extra steps to prevent injuries. When someone is sidelined from an injury, companies often delegate their tasks to other workers to meet deadlines. This can work sometimes, but could prove to be a problem in the long run, as it causes burnout. With us by your side, you can rest easy knowing that we go out of our way to educate and train employees on how to steer clear from injuries, making them valuable assets for the company.


Custom-Tailored and Robust On-Site Services to Promote Workplace Wellness

A big reason why many employees fail to take care of their health is because they have to plan everything around their workday. More often than not, following these plans consistently can be a challenge because of distractions, extra tasks and various other hurdles.

This makes it almost impossible to follow a fitness routine, but Excel Body Fitness has just the right solution for your workplace. We create carefully-planned wellness packages for employees, making sure that they can pursue their health and wellness goals in the workplace.

Now, employees don’t have to micromanage their day in order to get a gym break. Instead, they can rely on us to create workplace gyms and manage them, making sure that everyone can follow a regular fitness routine without leaving the premises.


Carefully Chosen Licensed Trainers

Every expert you will find on the Excel Body Fitness team is chosen after a careful vetting process. We choose only the best to make sure that we live up to our high standards. Our trainers, massage therapists, and chiropractors are licensed and have completed years of training, making them qualified to take care of your employees.

While we take great pride in choosing the right pros, we make sure that they continue to increase their skillset to provide our corporate clients with the best possible services. You can expect our professionals to be well-versed in their area of expertise, making them the ideal fit for health and wellness programs at work. 

Every expert you will find on the Excel Body Fitness team is chosen after a careful vetting process. We choose only the best to make sure that we live up to our high standards while providing corporate wellness services. Our trainers, massage therapists, and chiropractors are licensed and have completed years of training, making them qualified to take care of your employees.

While we take great pride in choosing the right pros, we make sure that they continue to increase their skillset to provide our corporate clients with the best possible services. You can expect our professionals to be well-versed in their area of expertise, making them the ideal fit for health and wellness programs at work. 


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Help Your Employees De-Stress with On-Site Chair Massages

An onsite chair massage can work wonders for in-house employees, helping them de-stress. At Excel Body Fitness, we have licensed massage therapists and state of the art equipment to provide employees with effective, relaxing massages that help them feel rejuvenated and ready to take on work-related challenges.

Our massage therapists are skilled in implementing different techniques that can help relieve stress, improve mood and promote restful sleep, improving employee productivity significantly. Please get in touch with our team of representatives if you want to learn more about our corporate wellness services or interested in scheduling on site sessions. 


Unique Corporate Group Fitness Sessions

You may be surprised to learn that a massive percentage of workers spend a huge chunk of their day sitting in their office chairs. A sedentary lifestyle can cause loads of issues like weight gain, posture problems, back pain and whatnot. It’s important for employees to set some time aside to move around and get some exercise.

Unfortunately, with most office workers being on such tight schedules, getting a workout session in can be quite a challenge. There’s no need to worry, however, as Excel Body Fitness can schedule regular fitness sessions in the workplace to make sure everyone gets time to exercise.

We carefully schedule staff wellbeing programs as part of our corporate wellness services so that they don’t clash with day-to-day operations and hinder productivity. Our group fitness sessions are conducted by licensed trainers who can create an engaging environment where teams can pursue their fitness goals together.

It is a great way for employees to get to know each other and promotes teamwork. Our experts even organize sessions where different departments of your enterprise team up to take on grueling challenges. Steps like these promote healthy competition, something that every organization can greatly benefit from. 


Custom-Designed Workplace Gym by Excel Body Fitness

Corporate wellness program companies like EXOS are famous for designing workplace gyms for different corporations. Inspired by such companies, we also provide this offering to our corporate clients, creating well thought out gym designs.

We employ a team of seasoned fitness veterans who know what it takes to design a state of the art workplace gym. That being said, merely designing a place to exercise is not enough. You also need to make sure that it can accommodate your workforce throughout the day.

When designing workplace gyms, our experts also recommend the right workout equipment that people of different fitness and experience levels can use without trouble. In case anyone experiences difficulty using the equipment, our trainers are always there to guide them as part of our corporate wellness services. 


Personal Training Sessions for Individual Attention

Let’s be honest, exercising is not everyone’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage team members to take their health and wellness seriously. Some workers do not feel motivated to work out in groups and that is fine.

At Excel Body Fitness, we also provide one-on-one training sessions where our licensed trainers provide each employee with individual attention. They will monitor their health, assess injury risks, teach proper exercise techniques to make sure your team members experience numerous benefits a healthy fitness regimen can offer.

Once people feel motivated to train consistently, we slowly push them towards our group training sessions, making sure that they can gel with their teams and feel a sense of community. 


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Educational Corp Wellness Seminars

We firmly believe in the importance of educating employees about taking care of their health and well-being. Too many people ignore this aspect of their lives for far too long and end up regretting it. Team up with Excel Body Fitness to promote a healthy work environment and educate your employees about how they can better their physical and mental well-being as a part of our corporate wellness services. 

Our experts create in-depth, engaging and easy to understand presentations where they talk about things like meditation, work and life balance, the importance of exercise routines, balanced diets and plenty more.

They also conduct Q and A sessions where employees get to ask wellness related questions, the answers to which helps them live a fulfilling and healthy life.


Access to Professional Therapists and Registered Dietitians

Excel Body Fitness is all about helping employees feel great about themselves while they’re at work and away. While our exercise sessions are very well received by most workers, we go the extra mile by giving them access to professional therapists and licensed dietitians.

Our diet experts can give you sound advice on what and when to eat. They will also give you tips on how to avoid binge eating when you feel stressed, making sure you can manage difficult situations sensibly. Plus, our chiropractic and physical therapists ensure that you do not have any nagging injuries slowing you down.

We instruct our professionals to closely monitor every employee and provide them with the solutions to help them live happy stress free lives.


Science Based Corporate Wellness Approach

Corporate fitness companies like HealthFitness offer their services by breaking everything down to a science and we completely agree with this approach. This is why all of our corporate health programs are devised by exercise and wellness scientists who know what will work for most employees.

When you ask us to oversee your corporation’s worksite wellness programs, our team carefully studies your employees’ routines, habits and activities to create tailored programs.

With Excel Body Fitness helping your business with its corporate wellness initiatives, you can sit back and watch us take your employee wellness to new heights.


Our Commitment to Accountability!

One of our core values is our commitment to accountability. We trust our carefully planned corporate wellness services and strategies and believe they can bring prosperity to any enterprise.

What’s more, Excel Body Fitness is completely transparent about its offerings, making sure that you get what we advertise. Our attention to detail and dedication to maintaining high standards gives us the edge over loads of other corporate wellness services.  

So what are you waiting for?

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