Gold Classes

Watch videos of our signature 12-week X-series boot camp below!

X-Energy / X-Cardio Challenge X-TRX / X-Tone & Sculpt X-Commando X-Plosive X-Combo / X-Shred
Session A* 05:30am Monday 05:30am Tuesday 05:30am Wednesday 05:30am Thursday 05:30am Friday
Session B 06:45am Monday 06:45am Tuesday 06:45am Wednesday 06:45am Thursday 06:45am Friday
Session C (Due to COVID
this session has
been temporary cancelled
08:15am Monday 08:15am Tuesday 08:15am Wednesday 08:15am Thursday 08:15am Friday
Session D 09:30am Monday 09:30am Tuesday 09:30am Wednesday 09:30am Thursday 09:30am Friday
Session F 12:00pm Monday 12:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm Wednesday May attend any Session 12:00pm Friday
Session G 05:45pm Monday 05:45pm Tuesday 05:45pm Wednesday May attend any Session 05:45pm Thursday

*Limited availability; contact carolee@excelbodyfitness.

Gold classes in our exclusive 12-week X-series program:


This class is a power-blend of traditional boot camp, crossfit and gladiator training programs. You will be doing high and low cardio moves, plyometrics, kickboxing, sports drills, functional, and circuit training. You will quickly achieve more muscular strength and cardio endurance by performing alternating intervals of resistance training and energy training. AMAZINGLY, you will burn up to an average of 800-1000 calories during each training. This is a no frills, no excuses type workout that gives quick and guaranteed results!


In this class you will target individual muscle groups, and then incorporate multiple muscle groups to compound the results. This class gets fast and amazing results by using different types of resistance such as various weights and bands. You will be challenged in traditional stable positions and then transition into unstable positions to optimize muscle failure and confusion. Traditional weightlifting is effective but we’ve found that incorporating stabilizers will increase your proficiency exponentially.


A fast-paced rhythmic kickboxing cardio workout filled with kicks, punches, knees and elbows against heavy bags and in the air. You will learn proper and safe form you will be also encouraged to go at your own pace. This class is suitable for all ages. So get ready to sweat, tone and have a kick-butt fun class. Talk about stress relief!


Various stations keep your heart pumping in the fat burning zone and at the same time forces your muscles to become stronger, more toned and lean. This class is designed to sculpt your midsection as you improve your body’s overall functional movements through strength, balance, and coordination. This class will challenge you through total body functional movements using the body’s core muscles combined with sculpting moves to strengthen the legs, back, arms, abs, and core muscles, specifically targeting the stabilizing muscles. By constantly challenging the body in new ways and positions, the program keeps the body from getting used to the program and in turn, keeps the muscle groups challenged. A balanced body begins with good alignment and good posture – and there is no better way to achieve that than from working from the ground up!

Gold classes in our four weeks of X-Slimdown:

Every 12 weeks we change things up so your body won’t plateau, to ensure it keeps on changing.

X-Cardio Challenge (Monday)

Full one hour of cardio, plyometric moves with steps, balls and bars. Energizing non-stop class with modifications. All levels welcome!

X-100 Reps (Wednesday)

We will be pyramiding from 10-1 with muscle, core, and cardio movements. Each pyramid has the count down with a 2 count of another exercise before you go to the next movement. This class will for sure get your burn on. All fitness levels are welcome and all moves can be modified.

X-Plosive (Thursday)

Kickboxing features fast-paced rhythmic cardio workout utilizing kicks, punches, knees and elbows against heavy bags and in the air. You’ll learn proper and safe form and will be encouraged to go at your own pace. This class is suitable for all ages. So get ready to sweat, tone and have a kick butt fun class. Talk about stress relief!!!!

X-Interval Challenge (Friday)

This class is a completely unique, 60-minute, 3-level exercise challenge with 50, 40, and 30 second rounds. A team-oriented workout, this class combines functional, integrated total-body training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio and interactive team challenges to get Excel results in the minimum amount of time. The secret is the 3-dimensional impact of Triplex Training that fuses cardio, conditioning and core, and utilizes all of your favorite training equipment to help you get lean and strong. The exercises will challenge you, the pace will drive you, and the team energy will inspire you!