Throughout her life, Adrianne has always placed a high value on being active. She grew up as a competitive dancer, and in college transitioned her love from dance to general fitness and exercise. She taught group fitness classes and took exercise physiology courses throughout her college career. After graduating, Adrianne pursued multiple certifications for personal training. She managed a women’s personal training center and eventually ventured out to manage her own personal training business. Although she took a hiatus from fitness as a career to stay home, raise, and homeschool her two boys, Adrianne has remained consistently committed to maintaining her own fitness level and educating herself further on all things relating to fitness, health, and nutrition. She recently became re-certified as a CPT and is excited to work with clients again.

Having graduated with a degree in psychology, Adrianne is passionate not only about her clients’ physical fitness but also about their mental outlook. She believes strongly that the two are intimately connected, that how we treat our bodies is a reflection of how we see ourselves. Her desire is to help each client learn to love themselves wholly. Adrianne especially enjoys watching clients transition from the desire to be a certain size or shape to a general passion for being strong, healthy, fit, and capable of tackling their everyday lives with energy and enthusiasm.