Andreia Dimino

Andreia Dimino

Playing soccer through out my life played a vital role in building my love for fitness. I took up kickboxing after the birth of my first daughter and immediately began seeing results in both weight loss, endurance, and strength. I’ve done it all, from Boot Camp training to yoga and pilates. Because of this, I’ve started competing in Extreme Obstacle Course racing (Marine Mud Run, Gladiator) but my main fitness focus has been indoor cycling/spinning. I’ve been indoor cycling for the past 12 years and recently obtained my certification through AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Assoc. of America). I’ve also taken up road/outdoor cycling earlier this year and am focused on making indoor cycling not only safer and more effective, but also more realistic to real outdoor cycling.

Some of the elements I bring to an indoor cycling session:

  • Biomechanics and the anatomy of the pedal stroke
  • Cadence drills
  • Keeping it Real: the relationship between cadence, resistance and intensity
  • Paceline simulation
  • Tempo riding (high-end aerobic, cycling specific)
  • Intense, High-Energy, Purposeful and Challenging

My sessions are properly designed indoor cycling workout programs that will enhance cardiovascular health regardless of your age or fitness ability level. I integrate various intensity levels that will provide a mix of intensity zones so that you get the most out of your ride while keeping in mind that each zone has both a physiological and psychological benefit. My sessions will be both fun and challenging. Give me 60 minutes and I’ll give you an amazing workout.

FACT: A one hour spinning session can burn anywhere between 800 to 1,200 calories per session.

“Do it to Lose It”