HOPE INSCORE : Yogeybear Yoga

In the yoga community, I like to be called YogeyBear. Because of the fierce dedication of my own healthy lifestyle transformation, my objective is to motivate others with their very own transformation. Much like the characteristics of a bear, I roam from class to class across the Triangle area, with a specific goal in mind. In my classes, my goal is to provide students with positive energy and motivation where “you can be focused on you’. I am very passionate about the health and well being of my students. It is most important for me to teach students how to obtain a “self” focus and to achieve the most out of their practice.

I owe a lot to yoga. It is my sanctuary. Yoga has helped me through some tough times and allowed me to find my passion for helping others who have also been through challenging moments in their lives. I founded a non-profit organization called The Pink Fairy, which supports breast cancer patients going through treatment. My yoga consulting business, YogeyBear Yoga provides resources and services for individuals seeking a sense of wellbeing and the need to connect with the mind, body, and spirit. Also I am the Director of Program Development for Talk It Out NC, a multi media statewide program to reduce underage drinking.

Currently I am currently enrolled in a 300-hour LifePower Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum. I have studied therapeutic yoga for prevention and recovery under Nikki Myers, Founder of Y12SR, of which I am certified to teach. Also, I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Jimmy Barkan, Founder of Barkan Method Hot Yoga Training.

For me, yoga is not only about my own personal growth and development, but it is a way for me to assist others in their journeys. I started taking yoga eight years ago and have never looked back. I began teacher training, which allowed me to deepen my practice and led to self-discovery.

…… I’d love to have ya’ll join me on the mat!