Pantea Dougani

Graduated from University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering continued her Master of Science in the same field. She brings 15+ years of experience and skills in listening, organization, monitoring, solving problems, building relationships and oral and written communication to XBF. She is a Fitness enthusiast and her objective has always been to integrate fitness in her business

Praised by clients as, “loyal, reliable, organized and gracious program manager who was tenacious when needed and had a dynamic heart and personality that reached out to her clients and customers and built relationships that made a real difference in our businesses.”

She is a big believer that volunteering builds communities. She was the Vice President of Laura Holland Uzzell Foundation which is a governing Board for Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter school in Morrisville, NC since November of 2003. Her term terminated recently in November of 2009 and she is still very active in Building and Development committees. She recruited Board members for Charter School and created organizations first handbook that followed By-laws, defined job expectations and set feedback procedures and training requirements that provided uniformity and reduced operational problems. Co-chaired Strategic Planning committee and recommended benchmarking that gave a clear-cut direction on fundraising procedures and physical facilities plus vision and mission of school.

Worked closely with the school founder and Board in refinancing an expansion of Sterling Montessori.

Her favorite activities are cycling, hiking/camping, reading, and volunteering.

Carolee Poythress

Sharing my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, helping others achieve their goals, and motivating others to change their bodies and their lives is where I find happiness. Here at Excel Body Fitness, we believe that if you excel in fitness, you excel in life.

Excel Body Fitness was born out of this passion, to create a welcoming, family atmosphere along with the dedicated, hands-on instruction and attention of a personal trainer in a group fitness setting.

Fitness is my passion.  My goal?  To design a world-class fitness program that delivers real results, but to build it around people by investing in community and relationships.

I am a fitness professional with over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry. I’ve worked with the New Jersey Devils NHL team orthopedist, Dr. Barry Fisher, as a trainer and Physical Therapist Aide.  I was the Group Fitness Director of Impact Athletics, Group Fitness Director of Jack LaLane and worked as Lead Kickboxing Instructor under Sensi John Giotis and Vesna Giotis at the American Jiu Jitsu Center.  My experience in physical fitness includes Group Instruction, Personal Training, Boot Camp, Cardio-kickboxing, Body Building and Aqua Fitness and specializing in agility and power moves.  I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, including teens, seniors, and athletes, as well as pre- and post-natal moms.

I take great pride in what I do: I enjoy bringing my wealth of experience and a personal, caring approach to each client. I’m a dedicated trainer and the best compliment I can get is seeing people commit themselves to living a healthy and  happy life. I love to see before and after pictures, as well as cholesterol, blood tests, sugar level tests, life changes, and more. It lets me know I have done my job as a trainer.

Passion for a healthy lifestyle has always been an important part of my life–my grandmother would always encourage me to be strong and healthy saying,  “if you are healthy, you will be a happy person,” and, “if you eat well and eat clean: stay away from restaurants and fried, greasy, sugary foods, your body will take care of you and run like a machine.”

My inspiration is my family: I’m a mom to two beautiful girls, as well as being a daughter, sister, wife, and friend. When I’m not in the gym I enjoy spending time with my girls, riding bikes, swimming, playing Wii, shopping and watching movies or our favorite shows, like the Biggest Loser and American Idol.