Reviews of Excel Body Fitness

“Excel is more than a gym, more than a personal trainer: it’s a culture, a way of being. Your life will change when you join Excel; you will be part of something special, a family and a lifestyle. You will be able to do things you never thought possible. You will exceed your goals and be supported the whole way! I’m so proud to be part of Excel!”

Maura Silverman

“This place is the best gym I’ve ever belonged to. The workouts are serious, challenging and make you sweat but also fun and can be modified for beginners. The staff are very nice and truly dedicated to helping you reach your goals. There are also resources available for nutrition, personal training, life coaching and more. The value for the money paid is very high.”

Allison Sharpe

“XBF has been a wonderful place to get a great workout, to meet new friends, and to challenge myself. The whole place has a very positive vibe – such that it pushes you to want to excel! I’m really happy to be a part of the Excel Family and would recommend it without reservations to anyone looking for a place to workout and connect with a community of others who like to push their limits!”

Sarah Martin
“Over the years I’ve had two personal trainers and have been a member of 3 health clubs. I thought the trainers were pretty good until I started taking the Gold Member classes at Excel! I attend a morning class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and each day the workout is different. I love the stations and how quickly the class goes. Every inch of your body is worked! I feel lucky I found Excel–I already feel younger.”
Amy Sherman
“Excel is completely different from any other fitness facility I have ever used. Its instructors are supportive without being patronizing and Excel has a nutritionist on staff to instruct members on proper dietary habits. I have joined health clubs that seemed like some scam to sell food supplements and Excel is nothing like that. Everyone at Excel is solely focused on helping its members find and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”
Charles Allen

“Excel is a GREAT place to work out. The instructors work with you one-on-one to really help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself. The workouts are very challenging, but we are encouraged to work at our own pace and I was amazed at how far I have come and how much stronger my body is. The members treat you like your part of family (we are all in this together attitude). It is truly a great place to work out no matter what your fitness level is.”

Mary Beth Cotterell
“Prior to Excel Body Fitness, I was able to maintain my weight through running, but body composition changes remained elusive. Excel Body Fitness has made a huge difference for me. I have lost inches and I feel great in my clothes. It is more than just a gym to me. The X-Series program includes diet training in addition to the exercise, but my favorite part is the people. There is a unique vibe at this place, it really feels like a family. I have made many great friends, and going to the gym is now something I always look forward to.”
Melanie Mueller

“I have been very active all my life but in Nov 2011 suffered a pretty serious back injury and could not walk without severe pain let alone attempt to work out for over 6 months. When I was well enough to begin working out again I realized that I had to take a more balanced approach toward overall strength and fitness (including core strength) so I started taking classes at Excel in May of 2012. Historically, I have never liked taking classes and have always preferred to work out on my own, but I am sold on the classes and programs offered at Excel because they are fun, challenging, varied and focus on overall fitness and strength which in my situation is key to prevent future back problems from occurring. I have worked out at many gyms over the years and this one of the few places that I would say truly has a family type atmosphere where so many of the instructors and members are extremely supportive and go out of their way to make people feel welcome.”

Wendy Skelding
“This is the only gym that has motivated me to actually keep working out ! I have paid for many gym memberships in the past only to end up going once a month. The classes are awesome, the instructors push you to your limits but at the same time make sure you are doing proper form and not hurting yourself. All the instructors and even the owners know who you are and know your strengths and weaknesses so they really know how to keep you motivated. Never thought I would say this about any gym but, I LOVE EXCEL BODY FITNESS :)”
Honey Patel


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