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Are you looking for a relaxing massage or an aesthetic consultation with an experienced massage or a beauty therapist? You will find in-house massage and aesthetician Cary, NC. under one roof, at Excel Body Fitness! Here, we care about your wellness and beauty. From helping you achieve that radiant and sparkling glow to making sure you’re stress-free and confident, our team offers a mix of holistic treatments to promote well-being.


Customized Therapeutic Care

Excel Body Fitness is the go-to place for tailored care plans to rejuvenate your skin, mind, and body through therapeutic in-house massage and aesthetician Cary, NC services. We offer personalized treatment sessions with our in-house beauty therapist and massage professionals. So, sidestep the constant stress. Recharge and rejuvenate with our passionate team of in-house professionals at Excel Body Fitness who care about your well-being. Let our in-house massage and aesthetician Cary, NC take your wellness game to the next level!


Relax & Revitalize With In-house Massage Therapy

With Excel Body Fitness, you can enjoy ultimate relaxation. We specialize in a range of massage techniques to ensure you have the ultimate stress-relief experience. Our certified therapists treat it as an alternative healing medicine to enhance the physical and mental connection. We can help you get stress relief and promote holistic well-being through personalized sessions. You can also combine massage and aesthetician Cary, NC services for optimal wellness. 

Customizable Service Plans for Overall Well-Being

Our services will fit your schedules perfectly, whether a 15-minute refresher or a 60-minute rejuvenating therapy! Our therapies include lymphatic drainage massage, whole body 90-minute massage, and 15-minute chair massage sessions. Excel Body Fitness’s massage therapists know the most effective and relaxing techniques.

We offer alternative medicine benefits through deep tissue massages to relieve physical pain. By doing so, we help you become more active and energetic to get things done quickly. Our therapists match individual needs with a variety of massage styles. They are skilled in aromatherapy, deep tissue, and Swedish massages.

Catering to Diverse Wellness Needs

We offer personalized massage therapies because we care – and we know that everyone has different fitness goals and wellness needs. Therefore, we tailor each massage session to address individual concerns and ensure peace of mind during your time at Excel Body Fitness’s tranquil massage center. Through regular massage sessions, you can experience improved blood circulation and reduced muscle tension. So, don’t be surprised when you experience a surge of energy and confidence in pursuing endeavors at work or personal life!

Flexible Scheduling for Hassle-Free Appointments

Our in-house massage therapists save you the time and hassle it takes to make arduous appointments. We are here to help and offer flexible scheduling options for peaceful massages. We ensure comfortable access to professional masseuse services. Whenever you’re ready, reach out to the experts at Excel Body Fitness and schedule a massage session. Our team is delighted to cater to clients with diverse health and wellness goals with a commitment to quality care.

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60-90 Mins Lymphatic Massage

A lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage massage, is a therapeutic massage technique designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and promote the natural drainage of lymph, a clear fluid that helps remove toxins, waste, and excess fluid from the body’s tissues.
During a lymphatic massage, our licensed massage therapist uses gentle, rhythmic strokes and light pressure to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and encourage lymph flow towards the lymph nodes, where it can be filtered and processed by the body. This helps to reduce swelling, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and promote overall detoxification and healing.
Lymphatic massage is commonly used as a complementary therapy for various health conditions, including lymphedema (swelling caused by lymphatic system blockage), post-surgical recovery (such as after cosmetic surgery or mastectomy), inflammation, and immune system support. It can also be beneficial for promoting relaxation and reducing stress. However, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing lymphatic massage, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns. 

Lamination is a three step perming treatment of the brows. Lamination is best for clients looking to add structure to the brows, fuller brows, have unruly/coarse brow hairs, clients with brow hair that grows downwards and clients who want to cut styling time out of their routine.
Lasts minimum 4 weeks and up to 8+ weeks

90 Minute Massage

Chair Massage - 15 minutes

Corporate Massage


Build Confidence With In-house Aesthetician Services

We offer in-house aesthetician services that align with your health and beauty goals. Our team offers expert advice and beauty solutions to help you achieve smooth and glowing skin. Our in-house aesthetician services include a range of skincare and beauty treatments to enhance your aesthetics and confidence.

Team of Licensed In-house Aestheticians

At Excel Body Fitness, we have a team of licensed beauty therapists to offer personalized treatment sessions. We address your skin health and beauty concerns to restore or boost your confidence for a better life. Our beauty therapists offer personalized sessions to discuss your skincare concerns. Then, based on your concerns and needs, we provide tailored aesthetic treatments and products to address individual needs.

Premium Skincare Products

Our aestheticians provide comprehensive skin consultations. By assessing skin types and conditions, they assist you in maintaining healthy skin care routines with the right products. The team of aestheticians at Excel Body Fitness adheres to the use of premium products for the best skincare results.

Safety-First Procedures for Peace of Mind

At Excel Body Fitness, we are highly concerned about the safety of our clients.  Therefore, we ensure to use only tried and tested aesthetic procedures and products under the supervision of certified and experienced beauty therapists. We have included a range of safe and effective skincare and aesthetic treatments that help you address issues like skin dryness, aging signs, acne and others. By taking these treatments, you can achieve facial rejuvenation with peace of mind.

Convenient In-house Aesthetician Services for All

You no longer need to waste money and time on ineffective aesthetic services. Our dedicated in-house team is here to promote convenience with deep relaxation. We can customize your wellness routine to include comprehensive in-house aesthetician services for a more positive and self-confident personality.

Range of Aesthetic Treatment Routines

Our beauty therapist can help you restore skin vitality and improve confidence. Here’s what we offer:

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Comprehensive Beauty Services

Brow Lamination, Hybrid Dye, Sculpt

Lamination is a three step perming treatment of the brows. Lamination is best for clients looking to add structure to the brows, fuller brows, have unruly/coarse brow hairs, clients with brow hair that grows downwards and clients who want to cut styling time out of their routine.
Lasts minimum 4 weeks and up to 8+ weeks

Brow Sculpt

This includes a full map out of the brows
to compliment your facial features, waxing, trimming & tweezing. Finished with a post treatment
brow massage with soothing oil
or lotion.
Brow styling is also included in the treatment!

Hybrid Brow Dye & Sculpt

Hybrid Dye is best for Clients looking for a long-lasting skin stain, have oily­combination skin, want a very sharp brow ( can also be used to create soft brows!) and for clients with minimal and/or sparse brow hair. Lasts up to 14 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hair!

Eyelash Lift & Hybrid Dye

Transform your lashes with our eyelash lift and tinting service. Enjoy the benefits of both procedures in one session, as we lift and curl your lashes to perfection and add a semi-permanent tint for enhanced definition. Wake up every day with beautifully lifted and tinted lashes, eliminating the need for mascara and giving you a polished, effortless look around the clock. (Last around 4-6 weeks)

Eyelash Lifting

Elevate your natural lashes with our eyelash-lifting service. Using gentle techniques, we enhance the curvature of your lashes, giving them a longer, fuller appearance without the need for extensions. Experience a natural, low-maintenance enhancement that opens up your eyes and adds a youthful lift to your look. (Last around 4-6 weeks)

Classic Facial

Come relax and unwind while your skin takes a break and becomes revitalized. This facial will be customized to accommodate your current skin care needs. Your skin will be assessed and the best treatment for your skin will be performed through a cleansing, exfoliating, extractions if needed, mask and hydration process. This facial is a staple to good skin health and will leave you with more hydrated, youthful-looking skin.

Mini Facial

This facial will have your skin cleansed, exfoliated ( enzymes or acids), tone, mask, moisturizer and eye cream
*mini facial can be added on to any brow service, except lamination. (Does not include steam, extractions)

Other Aesthetician Services

  • Brow Sculpt and Lip wax
  • Brow Sculpt, Hybrid Tint Brow & Lashes
  • Brow tweeze & Hybrid Dye
  • Chin Wax
  • Full face waxing without brows
  • Sides Wax

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