I’d like to express my sincerest appreciation and thanks to all of the staff and trainers at Excel Body Fitness (XBF), and a special thanks to Carolee Auslander. I was introduced to XBF back in April 2010 by Steve Poythress, a member who significantly benefited from the 12-week program and underwent a life changing transformation by losing over 26 pounds and a body fat loss of 10 percent. I thought to myself, if he could do it — then so could I!

At this point I was always tired, didn’t want to play any physical games with my kids — basically I was ready for a transformation. I joined the 12-week session that began on January 3, 2011.  I began the program weighing 240 pounds. In 12-weeks, I lost 34 pounds and went down from a waist size of 40 to a comfortable 34. I have an elevator at my work. While it is very convenient, I have chosen to take the staircase. I am also preparing myself for an upcoming 5k run!

I could not have done this without Carolee’s challenging and rigorous exercise routines, motivating me to go beyond my potential, and most of all her advice and follow-ups on my nutritional efforts. I also have to give a special thanks to Steve, who turned me on to XBF. He kept me focused on my eating habits, made sure I attended every class, and most of all encouraging me to compete with him at every task! I will never forget being outside in the morning doing push ups in my driveway while Steve walked out to take his kids to daycare. That’s what I call true dedication! I am a true proponent of XBF and all that it has shown me.

Today I am feeling 10 years younger and my wife is thrilled. I am able to play outside with the kids without becoming exhausted. And I get frequent compliments from co-workers and friends about my physical transformation. To that end, I challenge you to give XBF a try! I can attest, it will change your life forever!


Aubrey D. Surgers
Postal Inspector Program Manager
Revenue/Product Security
USPS Computer Incident Response Team
919-501-9458 office

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