Having struggled with my weight all of my life, I was at rock bottom this time last year.  I knew that I needed to find a way to take care of myself and handle my stress in a more productive manner.  I joined a national diet chain and was having some success, but it was a struggle. I felt lonely and deprived.  A friend mentioned that she was participating in the XBF program and would like the motivation of a buddy to get to the 5:45am class. I emailed Carolee, but the class was full.  Whew! I was off the hook. I responded that I would like to be kept on the email list.  Carolee replied that a space had opened up and I should show up the next morning.  I had no time to talk myself out of it. That morning changed my life. Carolee is the most amazing person I have ever encountered.  She has a gift for connecting with her clients.  I felt from the first day like I was working with a personal trainer in a room with 40 other people. She did not sugar coat things and tell me that this would be easy or fast.  Actually, she said that I had a long journey ahead of me, but as long as I was willing to fight, she would fight alongside me.  That was 100 pounds ago.  I have gone from a size 22-22 to a size 10-12 and have no intention of stopping.

Right from the beginning, Carolee went out of her way to make sure that I knew what I needed to do.  Whenever I needed a modification, she was there. I always felt like I was welcomed and encouraged by the other clients as well. I left each workout exhausted but excited to see what we would do next time.  Skipping a class was never an option. Exercise and the XBF family became the friend that food had been before. It took away the feeling of deprivation that I had gotten from diets in the past.  I took advantage of everything that XBF offered.  I followed the nutrition guidelines and tracked my food online.  As I began to see results, Carolee also seemed to know when to push a little harder.  Suddenly I found myself doing things that I never imagined that I could. The most important thing she has taught me is that being physically strong trickles down into everything you do. I approach every aspect of my life differently now.  I have found a new voice in my strength that makes me a better mother, spouse, co-worker and friend. It has been so empowering to understand that in prioritizing myself and my health I am a better person. I can’t wait to see what new paths will be open to me as I continue on this journey.


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