Hello! My name is Kelly Stradling. I am a 37 year old stay at home mom of two amazingly energetic boys! (ages 5 and 8) Prior to this AMAZING XBF program…. I was not fit nor did I exercise. I came up with EVERY excuse in the book so that I stayed out of a gym. What changed for me was when Ireally begin to notice that I was having a hard time “keeping up” with my young family. Instead of playing what my 8 year old son describes as an “active” game (run around soccer or kickball in the backyard…games that would actually make my heart rate elevate…) I would offer a “sit down” activity such as a board game, craft or television show. I knew what I was offering was “lazy”, however this is what my energy level truly was.

At this disappointment, I KNEW it was time to “get real” with myself! Before XBF, my fitness activity consisted of cleaning the house and well…that’s about it! I was NOT being true to “me!” So, if you are going through “this life” feeling like YOU could be so much more…. then let me just say… XBF is ABSOLUTELY for YOU! The program REALLY works … IF you are 100% ready to make the commitment, come to the workouts, eat healthy (with your included nutrition program), and have a POSITIVE attitude… you WILL see results! I have gained several benefits throughout this year with XBF. Not only have I lost weight, I have gained muscle strength, increased flexibility, am eating a healthy diet, decreased stress in my life and found a new respect for myself! XBF differs from other workout facilities for SEVERAL reasons.

This program truly offers the most AMAZINGLY knowledgable and motivating INSTRUCTORS! I trust them with my workouts, nutrition, and the overall health of my body! I knew immediately when I began over a year ago… that if I listened to them… I would see results… and I have! They hold me accountable by making sure I am in class, participating in healthy eating habits and preparing for end of session assessments… you cannot run from the scale! It’s PERFECT! The program also consists of a huge VARIETY of workouts! When I come in… it’s always something new and “well thought” out! It keeps me motivated to see “what’s coming next!” All instructor playlists are GREAT! The music is a HUGE factor for me…. and keeps me going!The thing that I like most about XBF is that…it feels like a FAMILY! Theprogram, its members (and now my closest of friends) and Carolee, herself have literally changed my life! I am at my goal weight, but will forever consider myself”AN XBF LIFE-ER!”

I will always workout with XBF!! It’s so important to remain committed. After all, we are making LIFE CHANGES and not just “temporarily working out!” I love the way I feel after a workout… it leaves me wanting MORE! So, now when my boys want to have a “cardio war” in the backyard… I AM READY!! Leave NOTHING in the gym and you will make the most amazing life change and feel like “a million bucks” about it!

-Kelly Stradling

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