Prior to Excel I have belonged to three different gyms and one fitness facility. I went to work out and that was it. It was just a gym; just a fitness center-walls, machines, and lots of people working out. The first gym I belonged to offered group classes. I used to take some of the classes, which were usually overly crowded. You either got the workout or you did not. The instructors had no time to correct you; so you were pretty much on your own. Sometimes when you reached the gym late, especially in spinning classes, there were no bikes; there was no sign up policy and it was pretty much first come first serve. The kickboxing classes used to be so jam packed that there hardly used to be room to move around; after taking a few, I just gave up taking the group classes. The second gym I belonged to offered very few classes. The time the classes were offered did not work for me, so I never took their classes. I just used their gym facility. The third one I belonged to offer no group classes. I just went to work out on my own there. The Fitness center I belonged to did not allow us to use their machines/facilities any other days except for the days we had training sessions there. And I desperately needed someone, who somehow would make me workout hard, push me to my limits, test my limits and made me feel I wanted to Excel. There were many times I was very tempted to hire personal trainer to help me achieve my goals. But the few I saw and spoke to in the gyms made me want to fall asleep rather than make me workout. When last December I got hold of the Excel Body Fitness flyer, I was so overwhelmingly excited that an overnight wait to visit the gym the next day had me anxious and up all night. The next day my hubby & I visited the building where Excel stands today. Construction and renovation was in full swing then. It was the first time I met Carolee, although I had seen her at Impact. I was sold with the whole program even before she finished explaining everything. I still remember her showing the video clips from the workout routines that they did in their classes and I was like YES!!! This is what I exactly need. In 10 minutes’ drive back home I had also convinced my hubby to sign up for the membership. Trust me it is not easy to convince guys that fitness classes are not only for women. J I had to wait a whole month before the new place opened up and the new X-Series sessions started. And boy was I anxious that month? When I finally got to start XBF in Jan of 2012 I was ecstatic. For days all I could hear in my head was the music and the workout moves. I was absolutely in love with XBF. I talked and talked about XBF literally to all my friends & I blogged about XBF.

XBF is very different than any other regular gyms I have belonged to. There is so much personal involvement of the instructors in providing you the best workout and fitness center that it begs to differ from any other commercial gyms. Carolee and Pantea have definitely put their heart and soul in giving this place the absolute best. Excel Body is more like a big family than a regular gym. The instructors are extremely dedicated and committed. Different classes are offered throughout the day at different times to meet different people’s schedule. All the classes are very well planned and designed to bring about the absolute best changes in you. In one year of my membership at XBF, I still have muscle soreness every day. The routines keep chaining. The body hardly reaches the plateau. Classes have sign up policy which guarantees you a spot once you sign up. And even in a class full of people you get the personal attention of a personal trainer. Every routine has modified moves to help you with your fitness level. The instructors know you at personal level and are there to help you out with any question or hesitation. In an hour you get the best sweat out workout. And we even have our own Nutritionist to consult about nutrition.  Where can you find this?

I love my XBF. For me Excel Body Fitness is not just about losing weight. It is about gaining muscle mass, redefining your body and getting stronger & fit & it is about learning to eat right.  It is all about “you” with very well trained instructors who write the workout routines and make sure you are challenged and that your body is constantly tricked so it never reaches a plateau.  It is about working out with the best instructors and the most awesome people.


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