The Perks of Providing Corporate Employees with On-Site Chair Massages

Modern workplaces are becoming more adaptive and innovative when it comes to employee benefits. From offering flexible work timings to remote working options, businesses are fostering a more inclusive work culture while fulfilling the diverse needs of the modern workforce. Recently, numerous companies started offering on-site chair massages to employees.

The concept of a chair massage seems unorthodox but has proven to be quite effective in improving employee satisfaction. In fact, a study suggests that a chair massage can be effective for adults with chronic low back or neck pain. However, there is more to a massage chair than relief from lower back or chronic neck pain. Keep reading to learn more!

The Benefits of an On-Site Chair MassageS for Corporate Employees

Today, massages aren’t exclusive to luxury resorts, spas, and leisure retreats. More so, there’s no need for a special occasion to excuse oneself for a body massage. Savvy employers and entrepreneurs have picked up on the trend of incorporating facilities like a chair massage and so on in their workplaces.

It is one of the most high-demand employee benefits because it can potentially reduce work stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also carries the potential to enhance productivity and mood according to a study. Here’s a massage chair that can benefit your employees and the corporate environment.

●      Reduces Work-Related Stress

So, why is it among the most hyped employee benefits at innovative workplaces and corporate offices? The main reason is that a massage chair can relieve work stress within a few minutes. By gently massaging the lower back, neck, and arms, it can relieve muscle tension almost instantly.

As a result of reduced muscle tension, employees experience better and improved circulation for longer periods while at work. This automatically leads to a sense of relaxation and lifts the mood. Some experts might argue that the relaxation effect lasts outside the massage chair as well.

●      Boosts Employee Morale and Engagement

Did you know that a massage chair can be the source of a morale and confidence boost for your employees? By installing a massage chair as a designated relaxation spot for your employees, you show that you care.

It is a clear signal that the company prioritizes employee benefits like physical and mental well-being over work demands. As a result, this automatically boosts confidence and stirs greater workplace engagement. Moreover, it builds more loyal and trusted relations between employees and the company.

●      Improves Overall Physical Health and Wellness

A scientific study focused on a control group suggests that a chair massage can be effective in reducing stress and physical pain. When employees experience stress reduction while alleviating physical pain symptoms through a massage chair, they automatically experience a mood lift.

This mood lift can contribute to overall physical health and wellness. Everyone knows that work stress can be a contributing factor to a range of mental and physical health issues. By offering chair massage facilities, you can prevent such issues and witness an uplift in employee well-being.

From better posture and flexibility to reduced instances of neck and lower back pain as a result of long hours of sitting or sedentary work style, your employees can avail numerous benefits through it.

●      Offers Convenience and Accessibility

Want to know a great perk of providing corporate employees with on-site chair massages? It makes massages affordable, convenient, and accessible to everyone in the office!

On-site chair massage facilities are highly lucrative for employees in a workplace, especially those who find it extremely difficult to book a traditional massage due to busy schedules outside work. Besides, who wants to travel miles away from home for an hour-long massage experience?

A massage chair can be installed directly at your workplace without much hassle. And when ready, employees can experience a short massage session, right there, at work to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Therefore, we consider it a highly sustainable and practical solution.

●      Keeps Corporate Wellness Programs Cost-Effective

Unlike traditional corporate wellness programs, on-site chair massages are cost-effective and extremely affordable even for small to medium-sized businesses. Offering initiatives like yoga classes and gym memberships can be costly.

Also, there’s a possibility that not all employees might find it feasible to take time out of their busy schedules to utilize such benefits regularly. Additionally, there are many mobile massage service providers in the UK and abroad.

Therefore, arranging a “chair massage near me” has become easier than ever. It is a budget-friendly investment with long-lasting benefits.

●      Enhances Work Performance and Productivity

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Arguably, the most beneficial impact of on-site chair massage facilities is on employee productivity and performance. The earlier mentioned studies indicate that a massage can lead to a significant reduction in work-related stress. That can translate to a more productive team.

Employees who feel healthy, happy, and supported are often more engaged in productive work. A facility such as an on-site chair massage can boost employee performance while promoting physical wellness.

A stress reduction automatically leads to an increase in focus and determination. In turn, employees might experience a boost in creativity, engagement, and innovation which is ultimately beneficial for the company’s success.

Employees Searching for “Chair Massages Near Me?” – Here’s How You Can Find One

Although searching “chair massage near me” will bring up a lot of results on Google, here are a few tips to help you narrow down your selection for the best massage chairs for your office.

  1. Research the local massage chair providers to find a range of suitable companies you can trust with your needs.
  2. Discuss the feasibility of an on-site chair massage facility at your workplace with your peers and associates to get suggestions or recommendations.
  3. Inquire about the services and pricing of the selected massage chair providers.
  4. Discuss customization options for a comprehensive on-site chair massage experience for your employees.
  5. Set up a trial session if needed to assess the impact and ROI of customizable chair massage facilities in your workplace.


Offering on-site chair massage services to your employees can be a win-win situation. While employees benefit from improved physical and mental well-being, the company benefits from a more focused, loyal, and productive workforce.

So, why wait when there’s a healthier and happier workplace waiting for your company? Discuss your chair massage needs with Excel Body Fitness.

Our experts will turn personalized on-site chair massage benefits into the most effective corporate wellness program for your company. Call us now!

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