Mike Hendricks is a one of Excel’s Personal Trainer with the following qualifications:

  • Former College Baseball Coach
  • Personal Trainer for 11 years
  • Certified Golf Fitness Pro / (Titleist Performance Institute)
  • Mike specializes in Movement Correction, Improved Performance, and Injury Prevention.

“I met Michael at a Golf Outing at Prestonwood CC and thought ‘Wow, a workout specifically designed to help someone’s golf game’! At the time, I was looking to improve my game so I signed up. Well, results matter!

When Michael evaluated me, I was stiff and very dominant on one side. Stiffness and the Golf Swing do not go together well at all….. The Turn and Extension are crucial and I was doing neither! My Handicap was a (mulligan assisted) 18 and I could barely hit the ball 200 yards with the driver and 135 yards with a 7 Iron. I thought it was age!

Now, with Michael’s Program helping me, that ‘armsy’ chicken wing swing is almost gone and I have a much better turn to the point that my Handicap is now in the 14’s, I’m hitting the Driver 240 and my 7 Iron 155 with a Draw! Awesome!!”

– Joe Cenzoprano

“I started working with Mike in the early part of the summer to see if I would be able to play better golf than I was experiencing. I’ve had 12 back surgeries so swinging a golf club is a challenge. I had not played for a year and a half when we got started.

We worked on a series of 10 stretching exercises to help loosen up the moving parts of the swing. Core exercises, light lifting and lots of work on my TIGHT hamstrings. We met twice a week and I worked out at my gym in between.

After about a month I went to the driving range and surprisingly got most of the shots airborne. After more sessions with Mike, a few visits to the range, I took my game to the course and played 9 holes. I was sore the next day, but could tell that the exercises allowed the recovery time to be much shorter than before.

An overall BIG success.

Mike is a pleasure to work with and is serious about his work. He is patient with his students and allows them to progress at their own pace. He does provide extra encouragement when he thinks you are ready (or should) pick up your game and move to the next level.
I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone that is serious about getting their body ready for the rigors of the game of golf. He really helped me bring enjoyment and fun back to the game.

I don’t play as well as I did back when I was a 5 handicapper, but trying to break 90 on a beautiful course playing with friends is a good time, every time.”

– Farley Gilliam

if you have any questions about Mike’s personal training packages, and/or how to improve your Golf swing or would like to schedule a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING ASSESSMENT, email Mike at info@excelbodyfitness.com