Why Corporations Should Entertain the Idea of Group Fitness Classes

Did you know that people who were employed full-time in the US spent the fewest hours on sports and other physical activities in 2021? Statistics indicate that while the fitness industry is growing in the US post-pandemic, a lot of employed Americans still can’t make up time for gym or workout routines. To help employees on their fitness journey and ensure their physical well-being, companies are adopting innovative ways to promote corporate wellness. One of the ways is setting up on-site group fitness classes.

Although unorthodox, the trend of on-site “group fitness classes near me” has become quite popular among next-gen corporations. And here are 10 amazing reasons why!

1.   Group  Fitness Classes Are More Convenient and Accessible

Setting up on-site group fitness classes can be extremely beneficial to the company culture and employee well-being. Firstly, it makes physical exercise and fitness facilities accessible to all employees and staff. As a result, it saves them time and reduces the barriers to the fitness realm.

This eliminates the need for employees to take time out of their busy schedules outside work to commute to the nearest gym. Some might even save time on searching Google for “fitness instructors near me” by having one right there at their workplace!

By bringing fitness centers close to employees, you can encourage them to begin their fitness journey with peer support. Moreover, those struggling to stick to fitness routines can find peer support extremely beneficial in being consistent on their journey.

2.     Professional Guidance and Fitness Motivation

During the pandemic, many Americans turned to online fitness classes and coaching programs for home-based workout routines, according to statistics. However, such online classes rarely offer the opportunity for individuals to interact with a fitness instructor up close.

With on-site group fitness classes, you can ensure greater workout motivation by connecting employees with certified and educated trainers. By bringing “fitness instructors near me” to work, you can allow employees to get personalized fitness advice and have workout programs tailored to their preferences.

3.   Enjoy Different Types of Exercises in group fitness classes

Group fitness classes don’t focus on a particular workout option. Instead, they feature a range of exercises, including:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) Cardio
  • Cardio Training
  • Dance

There’s a diverse selection of workout options available to employees with varying fitness levels, objectives, and preferences.

You can assure employees that instead of searching “workout places close to me” they’ll find a personalized fitness class right at work. Plus, the variety of exercises also kicks out boredom and leads to greater engagement on the part of employees.

4.     Opportunity for On-Site Socialization

Working out with colleagues and peers is a great team-building exercise in itself. It fosters a sense of community in the workplace, leading to higher engagement, socialization, and mutual respect.

By encouraging teamwork through group fitness classes, a company can foster a positive and uplifting work culture. Furthermore, group workouts at work with colleagues can be a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals to pursue their fitness goals.

Also, it brings the opportunity for health competition, increasing workplace engagement followed by greater participation.

5.     Mental Health Boost and Stress Reduction

According to a recent press release by the American Psychological Association (APA), over 50% of survey respondents claimed to feel better about themselves after exercising. Moreover, nearly 35% stated that they were in a good mood after exercising while 30% claimed to experience a stress reduction.

So, creating a structured group workout regime at work can enhance the physical as well as mental well-being of employees. It can boost mood and enhance self-perception, leading to increased confidence levels.

Additionally, group fitness classes are a great opportunity to introduce mindfulness and meditation practices for a holistic fitness regimen for employees.

6.     Enhanced Overall Physical Wellness

There’s no doubt that bringing “corporate group fitness classes near me” to work can offer a myriad of physical health benefits. For instance, working out through a holistic exercise program can enhance muscle growth, flexibility, posture, and energy levels.

Furthermore, employees can experience improved strength and body composition which ultimately lead to a better quality of life. Moreover, physical fitness is a major contributor to the overall vitality and immunity strength of an individual in combating disease risks.

7.     Improved Energy Levels

Did you know that regular fitness routines that include effective physical exercises and mindfulness practices might have a significant impact on energy levels? Not only that but they might also improve cognitive function and lead to improved blood circulation.

When exercising regularly, the body experiences better hormonal balance and brain oxygenation. In turn, it stimulates brain function and muscle growth, leading to improved energy levels and greater productivity potential according to a study.

8.     Better Team Building through Group Fitness Classes

Corporations love the idea of group fitness classes because they’re an ideal tool for team building and socialization. With shared fitness journeys, employees get the chance to align common fitness goals with their colleagues.

Furthermore, they foster a greater sense of community and camaraderie by offering each other support during challenging workouts. The collaborative and supportive environment strengthens interpersonal relations within the workplace and also develops a culture of communication and trust.

9.     Less Absenteeism (Reduced Healthcare Costs)

One of the major reasons why companies look for “corporate fitness instructors near me” is because it helps them reduce absenteeism in the workplace. In fact, a healthy workforce is believed to take fewer days off which means better company performance.

As a result, it experiences a higher growth potential and more sustainable output. Nevertheless, it is also agreeable that a healthy workforce reduces the burden on a company and the government in terms of overall healthcare costs.

10. Positive Corporate Culture

Lastly, group fitness classes are associated with a more collaborative, positive, and supportive workplace culture. Offering on-site fitness classes and workout facilities is a clear signal to your employees that you value their overall wellness. Thus, it boosts employee morale and a sense of loyalty towards the company.

Promote Health & Wellness with Group Fitness Classes

Today’s modern enterprises value employee wellness as an essential aspect of long-term success. Therefore, on-site group fitness classes have emerged as a beacon of hope to promote health and wellness among corporate employees.


From boosting workplace morale and productivity to building better team connections and a positive corporate culture, introducing group fitness classes near me offers lots of benefits.

So, are you ready to elevate your corporate wellness strategy? Unlock the full potential of your workforce by creating a tailored corporate fitness classes program with Excel Body Fitness.

Give us a call and pave the way to a happier, healthier workplace!

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