Workplace Gym Design Ideas to Promote Corporate Wellness

Employee health and wellness are crucial to the success of every modern enterprise. Therefore, companies are striving to create a productive, positive, and well-balanced work environment. Some organizations are promoting corporate wellness through special retreats and flexible working conditions. Meanwhile, others are considering workplace gym design ideas to offer on-site physical fitness amenities.

According to Harvard Business Review, getting some exercise done can help improve work performance. This is because an on-site gym or fitness center encourages physical activity and improves employee well-being. In turn, it creates a more energized and productive workforce.

Useful and effective Workplace Gym Design Ideas

Let’s take a look at the 10 most useful workplace gym design ideas to promote corporate wellness.

1.     Multi-Functional Equipment

The most effective workplace gym design features multi-functional equipment for a versatile fitness and workout environment. From adjustable benches and squat racks to Swiss balls and resistance bands, multi-functional equipment can increase the effectiveness and practicality of an on-site gym.

Also, every employee has a different fitness level which leads to varying workout requirements. Such equipment can fulfill a diverse range of exercise and fitness needs of your employees.

This creates an inclusive gym environment as well. Besides, equipment that can be used for multiple purposes also reduces the need for additional equipment and floor space.

2.     Space Optimization Solutions

Did you know that promoting employee wellness through workplace health programs, like an on-site gym, can reduce absenteeism? According to a study, introducing workplace health initiatives can increase employee productivity as well.

However, companies often face the challenge of limited floor space or usable area when creating an on-site gym. Therefore, one of the best workplace gym design ideas is to go for space-saving solutions to maximize floor space utilization and accommodate a range of workout needs.

3.     Dedicated Exercise Zones

A study indicates that the cardiorespiratory fitness levels have been declining across different occupational groups. Considering that, an efficient workplace gym design needs to have a dedicated exercise zone for cardio training as well.

Instead of creating a strength training-focused on-site gym, you can create dedicated zones for a variety of exercises, including stretching and cardio as well. As a result, you can encourage employees with different fitness goals to utilize the space more effectively and ensure physical activity.

You can cater to the diverse workout preferences of your employees by separating workout zones for functional training, cardio equipment, and free weights.

4.     Flexible Gym Layout

Strive for a comprehensive corporate wellness program through a flexible gym layout. With a gym that accommodates individual workouts and group fitness classes, you can create an all-inclusive workplace environment.

It is one of the most popular workplace gym design ideas that involves the use of movable partitions and adjustable equipment with dedicated workout zones. You can invest in modular furniture to utilize the on-site gym in a safe and space-friendly manner for group activities.

As a bonus effect, it encourages teamwork and positive competition among the teams, leading to a more energized and communicative workforce.

5.     Hydration Stations

It is a corporate best practice to adopt a water intake program that ensures all employees and staff are hydrated at the workplace. Being dehydrated can introduce a range of health and behavioral issues, ranging from low energy levels to anxiety and stress.

You can install hydration stations as part of your workplace gym design layout. Why? Because proper hydration can prevent fatigue, promote overall health, and maintain energy levels during on-site fitness classes.

Place hydration stations strategically across the workplace to encourage employees to stay hydrated before, during, and after workouts.

6.     Natural Lighting and Ventilation

The atmosphere of an on-site fitness center or gym can have a significant impact on its effectiveness in encouraging physical activity. With natural lighting options and efficient ventilation systems, you can create a bright and airy space that is welcoming to all employees.

Install windows and skylights into your workplace gym design for a refreshing airflow. You may require professional assistance to incorporate efficient ventilation systems. However, it can do wonders in lifting the energy levels and mood of your employees during workouts.

7.     Ergonomic Design

Choose user-friendly equipment to minimize the risk of injuries and accidents. Go for an ergonomic workplace gym design. After all, working out is all about physical and mental wellness.

It is best to include exercise machines and workout accessories that accommodate all body shapes and sizes. Moreover, introduce equipment that is easy to learn, use, and improve on for employees with different fitness levels.

Ergonomic designs in the seating area, locker rooms, and stretching zones can promote better posture and reduce physical strain.

8.     Effective Soundproofing

While a group of employees maximizes health benefits through physical activities, others should be able to enjoy a peaceful work environment without noise or other disturbances. For that, soundproofing floors, walls, and ceilings can be highly effective.

You can install sound-absorbing tiles or noise-reducing acoustic panels as part of your innovative workplace gym design. It will enhance the workout experience while ensuring a distraction-free working environment.

9.     User-Friendly and Accessibility Features

Include accessibility and convenience features in your workplace gym design. From a flexible layout that incorporates dedicated exercise zones to adjustable equipment and wheelchair ramps, incorporate features that will increase the usability of your on-site gym.

Incorporating multi-functional equipment can also help meet the diverse needs of employees with different heights, body types, weights, and sizes.

Furthermore, it can be a way to overcome physical limitations for some employees, resulting in increased morale and confidence boost for the teams. Low-impact and seated exercises are also great options for creating an all-inclusive gym environment.

10.  Positive and Motivational Décor

Lastly, don’t ignore the impact of motivational quotes and a vibrant interior décor. A motivational décor can energize the whole gym environment.

From inspiring imagery and artwork to motivational messages and workout calendars that track progress, you can incorporate different elements to create an encouraging atmosphere.

Consider reinforcing a sense of identity and teamwork with brand colors and company values integrated with the interior décor of your on-site gym.


Creating an on-site gym is more than a corporate wellness program. It is a strategic investment for a healthy workforce that prioritizes fitness and happiness. With innovative workplace gym design ideas, you can create a multi-functional and flexible layout that empowers your team to live a healthier life.

With a fitness facility so close, employees are bound to get inspired and step up their fitness journey. So, are you ready to transform your workplace into an on-site health and fitness center?

Get in touch with certified trainers and fitness pros at Excel Body Fitness to guide you through the realm of corporate wellness solutions. Give us a call and start your journey to a healthier, fitter, and more satisfying work-life!

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