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ProLon FMD

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ProLon FMD

ProLon FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet) is a 5-day fast that was curated by dietary experts in order to promote cellular rejuvenation, increase metabolic health, healthy aging, and weight-loss. The thing that sets ProLon FMD apart from your typical fast is that you are still able to consume a fair amount of food as the diet is designed to mimic your body's response to water fast while retaining your muscle mass.

One of the best parts about ProLon FMD is that it is 100% plant based which means that anyone can participate! One of our members, Sameena, states that she will actually start implementing more fruits and vegetables into her diet after she found how delicious plant-based meals can be.

100% of our participants stated that after completing the fast they felt more energized, had a stronger mental clarity, and have had a better quality of sleep. 

Aside from feeling mental clarity, better sleep, and an increased amount of energy, 100% of participants lost weight. With an average of 4 pounds loss, we can guarantee that you will notice physical improvements during & after your fast. 

If you are interested in participating in our ProLon FMD fast, click the link below or email us at pantea@excelbodyfitness.com  to get started! 


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