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Expand your employees’ knowledge on a multitude of topics in the Cary, Durham, & RTP areas.

Choose from the offerings below, or tell us what you have in mind, and we will draft it for you. All of these can be offered virtually or in person at our Cary location.

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Please find some samples of our educational Seminars that you can choose from

The Deep Workings of the Heart - What is it that the heart, the organ itself, needs to beat continuously, every day, for your entire life? What nourishment must you give it to keep the steady rhythm going? Where does the energy come from? How can you protect your heart from dysfunction and disease? How does physical and mental stress affect the heart and its ability to pump oxygen and blood throughout our body? February is considered the month of love. Let’s explore what it truly means to give love and acceptance to yourself and that glorious organ, the heart.

Let’s Explore the Big, Beautiful Human Brain - The brain is the master controller of hormone release. That means that the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel create a trickle-down effect via hormone and neurotransmitter release. What nourishment must you give the brain to allow the body to rest, heal, and grow? How can you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system to decrease stress? How important is sleep for brain health?

This wellness chapter may incorporate meditation practice, learning box breathing techniques, and creating a sleep routine. All these practices will lead to better brain health.

Optimal Bowel function - Most of us probably don’t ever discuss going number 2 unless we have young children at home that need potty training, however, bowel function is a vital sign for overall health and longevity. The old saying you are what you eat is highly simplistic and not accurate. How about, you are what you eat, digest, absorb, and get past the cell membrane? No matter how well you think you eat, if there is damage to the intestines or inadequate digestion from too little stomach acid, then it is highly unlikely you are getting enough nourishment from the foods that you eat.

In this talk, the focus is on movement. Movement of the entire body through exercise is a key aspect of overall health and wellness. Find out how to get optimal bowel movements and therefore optimal nourishment to support your body’s unique function.

A Ride into the world of sleep - Do you know when your sleep bus comes? Do you hear it honking but wave it on by? Do you find that you push through the evening only to wake up exhausted the next morning? Have you explored the powers of a sleep routine and sleep hygiene concepts? Let’s take a look at how sleeping longer and deeper can restore your health and vitality.

Let’s Discuss Cholesterol and Dietary Fat - Fat is bad right? So many so-called facts around dietary cholesterol and fat are scientifically incorrect and over the last 15 to 20 years certain myths like fat will make you fat has been debunked. Yet, those myths are still causing people to be confused and driving dieter choices as well as medication prescribing practices. It takes many years for the latest science discoveries to make their way into common practice.

Cholesterol isn’t bad. In fact, cholesterol is necessary for sex hormone production, cellular membrane health, and healing. The liver is the metabolic conductor and packages cholesterol molecules to be sent out to the rest of the body. Maintaining a functional liver is critical to health and longevity and the real villain that leads to decline of both the liver and an increase in cholesterol is the over consumption of sugar and fructose. Find out how you can protect your liver, decrease your cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy metabolism as you age.

Bones & the Skeletal System - Bones are not just inert tissue with little purpose than to hold our organs and glands. Bones are made up of active cells that are constantly turning over, just like cells in our digestive tract and our liver. Bones are organs, the very lifeblood of the body begins in the bones producing 500 billion red blood cells daily. Keeping the cells of our bones healthy requires key minerals but also proteins which make up 35% of the bone matrix. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone, thyroid hormone, and cortisol all contribute to the health or dysfunction of our skeletal system.

Bones naturally become weaker as we age but there are things we can do daily that keep our bones strong and keep us from falling! It’s not the bone that is the problem, it’s the weak muscles and poor balance that contribute to falls. Ask yourself, ‘Do I have impaired balance?’ The answer to this one simple question can predict 40% of all hip fractures.

Diabetes Prevention, Insulin Resistance and the Mistakes of Ignoring key lab markers for health - "From 1983 to 2008, the number of people in the world with diabetes increased sevenfold, from 35 million to 240 million. In just 3 years following we added another 110 million diabetes to that total. Shouldn’t the question we ask be ‘Why is this happening?’ instead of ‘What new drug can we find to treat it?’- Mark Hyman, MD

Diabetes is a diagnosis of a condition of chronically high blood sugar. It is a progressive state in which cells suffer from insufficient action of insulin. Diabetes can absolutely be prevented and reversed following lifestyle change. How do we get diabetes in the first place? Why do our cells become resistant to the effects of insulin? Did your doctor tell you that you have pre-diabetes and that they will just watch and wait? Could they be ignoring the very real progression that will continue with no intervention? What does stress have to do with blood sugar levels?

The World of Thyroid and Adrenal Health - “Life is about 10% what happens to you and about 90% how you react to it.” -Charles Swindell

Remember that hormones are molecules of communication that allow the body to respond to its environment in real time all the time. Our adrenal and thyroid glands impact each other as well as our sex hormones because of the hormonal axis of control, the HPATG Axis. This axis is a direct response of thoughts, emotions, environment that starts with the brain and ends with the gonadal tissue. The thoughts trigger hormone release from the hypothalamus which then signals the pituitary to control the metabolic pathway (thyroid gland) or fight or flight (adrenal gland). How important is the thyroid gland? The thyroid makes hormones that influence the speed of everything metabolic in the body and makes hormones that influence the action of other hormones in the body. The thyroid is the body’s metabolic controller, dysfunction here results in dysfunction in every single cell in the body. Are you constantly fatigued? Do you have trouble sleeping? Is your hair falling out? Are you cold all the time or unable to lose weight? Checking just a TSH level may miss suboptimal thyroid function. Learn what labs to ask your doctor and what signs and symptoms to look for regarding both thyroid and adrenal health.

The following Courses are offered by Dr. Paula Kline


Are you struggling with powerful emotions? Do emotions hit you like a wave and carry you away? Or do you find yourself feeling unmotivated, numb, or distracted? Maybe you just feel like you'd like to understand your emotions better and how to respond to them more effectively? Join us for our Emotion Regulation Skills Training Classes!

Mindfulness: Foundations for Noticing and Responding Effectively to Emotions Conducted by Dr. Camp and Dr. Kline, 4 classes, 45 min each

Distress Tolerance: How to Survive Painful Emotions without Making Things Worse Conducted by Dr. Camp and Dr. Kline, 8 classes, 45 min each.

Emotion Regulation: How to Understand, Name and Influence Emotions Conducted by Dr. Camp and Dr. Kline, 8 classes, 45 min each.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: How to Effectively Change in Interpersonal Interactions Conducted by Dr. Camp and Dr. Kline, 14 classes, 45 min each.


We all want our lives and relationships to be deep, rich, and meaningful but obstacles we face every day can prevent us from knowing, owning, and sharing our stories. Our Whole-Hearted Living Groups are designed to help you recognize and respond to these obstacles in new ways and understand the fundamentals of building healthy relationships.

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