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How to Make Working Out a Habit:

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How to Make Working Out a Habit:


With any new routine, making it a habit and a part of your daily life can be challenging, but, you know what they say, it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, that means that if you start TODAY, in 21 days, you could be a whole new you!

Here are some tips and tricks to making working out a natural part of your routine:

  1. Figure out which days/times work best for you

You are more likely to form a habit if you do something repeatedly at the same time each day. Doing this will wire your brain to WANT to complete your workout at this same time! Luckily, here at Excel Body Fitness, we use a software called MindBody that allows you to book your classes far in advance, therefore, you can already have these time slots booked and ready to go!

  1. Create a Workout Split

If you are utilizing our Bronze Area and working out on your own, creating a workout split will be very beneficial in creating a routine. Now, what is a workout split? A workout split is where you train a certain muscle group depending on what day it is; for example, you might train lower body on monday, upper body on tuesday, and so forth. 

  1. Find a Workout Partner!

There is no better way to hold yourself accountable than to have someone else do it for you! It is human nature to not want to let someone else down. If you plan workouts with a friend, you are way more likely to show up and work hard!

  1. Add Your Workout to your Calendar:

Whether it's a paper or electronic calendar, adding your workouts will be super effective in making sure you are reminded each morning that you need to get to the gym that day! You could even add a small box next to it and check it off when you are done.

Making the gym a part of your routine can be difficult at first, but utilizing some of these tips will be sure to make it feel like second nature. Plus, it helps that our facility has the best community around! If you are an expert in the gym or you are just getting started, we would love to have you! Call us at 919-677-8585 to get started today!

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