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What is Prolon? Why do we LOVE it?

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What is Prolon? Why do we LOVE it?

What is Prolon? 

The prolon program is a mimicking fasting diet that you complete for 5 days each month. 

How exactly does it work? 

Prolon recommends you use the program for 3-4 months to see the full effect, however, you can choose to do 1 month or more.The fasting mimicking diet consists of soups, fasting bars, teas, olives, and specific crackers that you eat each day, all food given are all vegan!  Each day has a different meal plan.

What is the point of Prolon and how will it help? 

The point of the fast is to achieve cellular rejuvenation. This means that the body starts cleaning up things that it doesn't need. The mimicking fasting diet accomplishes this because it's only getting the essential nutrients it needs and not extra protein, etc. When the body receives nutrients that promote cellular/muscle growth, it doesn't have time to clean up the cells in the body.

During the fast, it's recommended that you don't do vigorous activity. This can hinder cellular rejuvenation and promote cellular growth. Activities you can do during the fast are yoga, pilates, or walking. 

Member Prolon Testimonial: 

Pantea Dougani started the 5-day fasting-mimicking by Prolon in April of 2021. She wanted to make sure that all the research that Prolon claimed was going to work for her.

She did her blood work in March of 2021 before she started Prolon for 3 consecutive months. She then did another blood test and her cholesterol and A1C numbers had dropped. The doctor told her to keep doing what she is doing and she continued doing another 7 months of Prolon for a total of 10 months. Now she is off 3 of her 4 medications.

Although she did not start Prolon to lose weight but has lost 10 lbs and kept it off. She is planning to continue doing Prolon for longevity and to detox and keep healthy once every 3 months (Quarterly) or as needed. She feels an overall sense of well-being and says that nothing has worked this well for her health.

She is always available either in person or by phone if anyone has any questions.

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