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  • Benefits of Yoga

    Hey Excel family! Did you know we offer yoga classes every Thursday afternoon? Yoga classes incorporate moving your body slowly, into various poses and stretches which can help improve both flexibility, balance, and posture. Flexibility is essential for your body so your muscles stop adversely pulling against your joints. Yoga builds strength by using bodyweight as a form of resistance, this allows the body to build strength without putting too much pressure on your joints. Holding each position for extended periods of time allows the body to build muscle endurance. Aside from all bodily benefits, yoga also reduces stress and improves mental well-being. Yoga can reduce mental and ....

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  • All Things Zumba

    All Things Zumba

    Ever heard of Zumba? Zumba is an EPIC, energetic, fun, interval-dance combo workout. The classes move between high- and low-intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance. So what is the difference between dance and zumba? Aerobic dance and Zumba classes have slightly/little different atmospheres as well as different movement sets. While aerobic dance usually focuses on very athletic moves — expect plenty of bouncing around to torch calories — Zumba takes heavier inspiration from Latin dancing styles. Benefits to Zumba: Complete a Full-Body Workout Improve Your Coordination Enjoy Aerobic Exercise Benefits ....

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  • How Can Boxing Do The Body Good

    How Can Boxing Do The Body Good

    Benefits of kickboxing 1. Reduce Stress The fast, coordinated movements used in our Kickboxing classes create an epic total body workout. Boosting endorphins and reducing levels of stress after just one 55 minute session. 2. Boost Confidence Levels Kickboxing is an effective workout not just for your body but also for your mind. Our kickboxing sessions are paired with energetic, easy to learn choreography, upbeat music and passionate instructors that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and confident. 3. Burn Mega Calories Muscle and Fitness Magazine reports that fitness kickboxing can burn over 800 calories per hour, which means you are not only toning your body but also revving up ....

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  • Valentine's Massage Special

    Valentine's Massage Special

    With Valentine's day around the corner, give your special person a treat with this 90-minute massage for $75. A deep tissue massage can relieve stress, reduce pain, and lower blood pressure and heart rate. The perfect way to show them you love them! ....

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  • EatLOVE Nutrition recipe

    EatLOVE Nutrition recipe

    Hey everyone! EatLove is an incredible nutrition program we offer. Today we are going to show you guys a FAV of ours: Ham and Egg Breakfast Cupcakes Ingredients: 4 Eggs ½ Avocado sliced 4 Slices of deli ham (nitrate free) 1 Teaspoon of fresh dill 1 Dash of freshly ground black pepper Cooking Instructions: Preheat the oven to 400°F. In a muffin tin or a cupcake tray line, however, many “breakfast cupcakes,” you plan to make with a slice of ham and a slice of avocado in each. After the ham and avocado are in, crack an egg in each of the cups and garnish with fresh dill. Place in the oven for 20 minutes. The whites should be firm to ....

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  • Excel's New Year Challenge

    Happy and Healthy New Year! This year, Excel Body Fitness will be hosting a challenge that is designed to reset your body and jump-start from the holiday season! Carolee, co-owner and Group Fitness director, will be doing 4 consecutive months of the Prolon 5 day Mimicking Fast. This diet consists of soups, fasting bars, teas, olives, and specific crackers that you will eat each day. Everything is Vegan. The first fast will begin the weekend of January 8th. Some individuals will start on a Saturday, Sunday, or do the 5 days through the week. There is a box for each of the days and they are labeled from 1 to 5. Each day has a different soup and other things to eat. The point of the ....

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  • Using the SMART Method for New Years Resolutions

    Joining Excel Body Fitness is one of the best way’s to kickstart your New Years Goals and launch your way into creating better habits and becoming the best version of yourself. When setting these goals, it is important to use the SMART method in order to assure you are creating attainable goals. So, what does SMART stand for? S- specific When thinking about your goals, have a SPECIFIC idea in mind. Rather than saying “I want to tone up”, say, “I want to create muscle growth and definition in my legs, arms, and back.” With specifying your goal, you are more likely to take the exact steps needed to achieve them. M- measurable Making sure your ....

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  • New Year, Better You!

    2022 is quickly approaching, and there is no better time to get started in the gym than on January 1st! Start with a clean slate and completely transform your life. Here at Excel Body Fitness, we’ve got you covered with Group Fitness, Personal Training, an Open Gym area, and massage for recovery. At our facility, you can achieve your mental, physical, and wellness goals like never before. Bronze Membership: Access to locker room, showers, sauna, steam room (coming soon) and open-gym area. Gold Membership: Access to locker room, showers, sauna (steam room coming soon), open-gym area, X-Series Group Personal Fitness Program Designed By Carolee Poythress, Cycling, ....

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  • Shinrin-yoku Lessons learned from a walk with nature

    Today I decided to take a walk. To put on the breaks, disconnect from society, and the turmoil we are currently experiencing, step outdoors, and maybe even take in a little sunshine. Winter is hard. Winter is hard on a lot of people. I am ready to feel the sun kiss my face again and warm my skin. I started in a bit of a fog, literally and figuratively. It was overcast and drizzling slightly. Not enough to derail my plans, though. I had already decided on the 6-mile trail. I wanted to spend the morning without distraction. I had also just finished reading “Go Wild” by Dr. John Ratey, and I was fascinated by his chapter called Biophilia. This chapter contains ....

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