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  • Excel's New Year Challenge

    Happy and Healthy New Year! This year, Excel Body Fitness will be hosting a challenge that is designed to reset your body and jump-start from the holiday season! Carolee, co-owner and Group Fitness director, will be doing 4 consecutive months of the Prolon 5 day Mimicking Fast. This diet consists of soups, fasting bars, teas, olives, and specific crackers that you will eat each day. Everything is Vegan. The first fast will begin the weekend of January 8th. Some individuals will start on a Saturday, Sunday, or do the 5 days through the week. There is a box for each of the days and they are labeled from 1 to 5. Each day has a different soup and other things to eat. The point of the ....

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  • Using the SMART Method for New Years Resolutions

    Joining Excel Body Fitness is one of the best way’s to kickstart your New Years Goals and launch your way into creating better habits and becoming the best version of yourself. When setting these goals, it is important to use the SMART method in order to assure you are creating attainable goals. So, what does SMART stand for? S- specific When thinking about your goals, have a SPECIFIC idea in mind. Rather than saying “I want to tone up”, say, “I want to create muscle growth and definition in my legs, arms, and back.” With specifying your goal, you are more likely to take the exact steps needed to achieve them. M- measurable Making sure your ....

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  • New Year, Better You!

    2022 is quickly approaching, and there is no better time to get started in the gym than on January 1st! Start with a clean slate and completely transform your life. Here at Excel Body Fitness, we’ve got you covered with Group Fitness, Personal Training, an Open Gym area, and massage for recovery. At our facility, you can achieve your mental, physical, and wellness goals like never before. Bronze Membership: Access to locker room, showers, sauna, steam room (coming soon) and open-gym area. Gold Membership: Access to locker room, showers, sauna (steam room coming soon), open-gym area, X-Series Group Personal Fitness Program Designed By Carolee Poythress, Cycling, ....

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  • Shinrin-yoku Lessons learned from a walk with nature

    Today I decided to take a walk. To put on the breaks, disconnect from society, and the turmoil we are currently experiencing, step outdoors, and maybe even take in a little sunshine. Winter is hard. Winter is hard on a lot of people. I am ready to feel the sun kiss my face again and warm my skin. I started in a bit of a fog, literally and figuratively. It was overcast and drizzling slightly. Not enough to derail my plans, though. I had already decided on the 6-mile trail. I wanted to spend the morning without distraction. I had also just finished reading “Go Wild” by Dr. John Ratey, and I was fascinated by his chapter called Biophilia. This chapter contains ....

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  • Turn The Box Around

    Turn The Box Around

    Have you ever shopped for groceries with a six-year-old? Not the most pleasant thing to do. Little hands are reaching for every box that has a pink unicorn on it, or happy rainbow, or cute little animal face. No, we can't buy those cookies just because they are pink. A carnival of sugar-loaded treats awaits children and adults alike as you step into the grocery store. The food carnival can be overwhelming, and the choices range from seemingly one extreme to another. Vegan to Paleo to Whole 30 to if it meets your macros to weight watcher points. So many confusing diets and trends that the average person may be so confused over what is best, that they give up entirely! It can be hard to ....

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  • How Much Exercise is Too Much?

    When beginning your fitness journey, one of the most important factors to consider is how much you should be exercising. Many people tend to over or under do it, leading to unsatisfactory results. We want you to achieve your goals and become the best you can be! Over-exercising can cause: Failure to recover Amenorrhea (Loss of menstruation in women) Muscle strains/sprains Irritability Stress Sickness Lucky for you, here at Excel Body Fitness in Cary/Morrisville, we do the work for you! Our Group Fitness program, X-Series, is specifically designed to ensure you get the most out of your time. With a 5-day/week set-up, your rest is integrated for you, which ....

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  • Grab a Massage for the Holidays!

    Grab a Massage for the Holidays!

    Looking for the perfect gift to give to your family and friends? Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect idea! Treat those you love with the gift of relaxation! Here at Excel Body Fitness in Cary/Morrisville, we have an amazing licensed massage therapist, Marcie, who is one of the best in the industry! You will leave your massage feeling brand new and better than ever before. Who doesn't love some “me time”. For the holidays, we are running specials on our massages and you can gift them to your loved ones in the form of a gift certificate. With a 90 minute massage at $75, you won't want to miss out! Aside from Massage Therapy, we also offer Group Fitness, ....

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  • How to Stay on Track During the Holidays:

    How to Stay on Track During the Holidays:

    The Holiday season is in full swing and although it is fine to indulge in your favorite treats, it is still important to make sure you don't fall off track.You can still enjoy Mom’s cooking while simultaneously reaching further towards your fitness and wellness goals! Portion Size It is all about portions! Rather than over-indulging, allow yourself to have a proper serving of food at each Holiday gathering. You will be able to enjoy those comforting foods while not falling off track! Finding Alternatives Nowadays, there are an endless number of healthy alternatives for the food’s we know and love. Swap out those sugary starbuck’s syrups for a ....

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  • Black Friday 2021

    Black Friday 2021

    The Holiday Season is in full swing and there is no better way to finish out the year than with success in fitness! Black Friday is just around the corner… and you know what that means… savings on all your favorite things! Lucky for you, we will be running a 24 hour flash Black Friday Sale with up to 50% off our Bronze/Gold Membership options and Massage Therapy! With the most skilled and dedicated fitness/wellness professionals in the triangle, we can assure that you will reach your fitness and wellness goals. You will not want to miss this deal, prices will never be this low again. Bronze Membership: Access to locker room, showers, sauna, steam room (coming ....

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  • Personal Training Success

    Personal Training Success

    Here at Excel Body Fitness in Cary/Morrisville, we have 8 certified personal trainers on our team who are experts in their practice. Each trainer has specific specialities such as injuries, weight-loss, muscle growth, bikini competitions, youth fitness, and military training prep. We are certain that you will find your perfect match to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals. Here is a testimony from Lithika, a client of one of our master trainers, Annette: “ I have been obese for quite some time now. I lost and regained my weight a couple of times. Each time, I would work-out by myself and I got injured twice. This time I took it seriously and decided to hire a ....

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