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  • Working Out During Pregnancy:

    Working Out During Pregnancy:

    Working out during pregnancy is not only beneficial for the mom, but for the baby as well! Of course, there are some limitations and things to be aware of, but, as a whole, staying active while pregnant is one of the best things you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy! Reduces Risks of Complications: Working out while pregnant significantly reduces your risks of complications. You are less likely to develop gestational diabetes and emergency c-sections. Your baby is also likely to weigh less- therefore causing less complications during delivery. Faster Recovery Due to staying active and in-shape during your pregnancy, you will recover much faster than if you ....

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  • Can you workout in the morning while intermittent fasting? YES

    Can you workout in the morning while intermittent fasting? YES

    One of the biggest questions regarding Intermittent Fasting is whether or not you can workout while doing so- the short answer is absolutley! Working out while fasting has many benefits that will advance you further into your fitness journey: Your Workout Performance is Improved When you workout in a fasted state, your body actually releases more of the human growth hormone or HGH, which will harbor an ideal environment for building muscle and losing fat. Your Body Will Burn Fat More Efficiently: When you train in a fasted state, your body's ability to burn fat skyrockets. This is due to the lack of glucose in your system. Your body will use your fat for energy ....

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  • 5 Essential Items to Pack In Your Gym Bag:

    5 Essential Items to Pack In Your Gym Bag:

    Have you ever driven all the way to the gym and realized you forgot your water bottle or a pair of earphones? Having a compiled list of essentials is the easiest way to avoid this from happening. Here are 5 of the most essential items to pack in your gym bag: Headphones A good pair of headphones is absolutely essential when you are working out on your own in an open-gym area. Having your favorite tunes playing in the background makes getting through your workout that much more fun! We recommend wireless headphones; therefore wires wont get tangled and in your way. Water Bottle Hydration is key when working out! Your body will not be able to perform at its maximum ....

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  • How to Reward Yourself After a Streak of Workouts:

    How to Reward Yourself After a Streak of Workouts:

    For many of us, we need more than progress as our reward for making it to the gym, especially when you are trying to establish a new routine. Working out will give you the natural high that will become the reward after the first few months. But to start, and before you have established a routine, you might need some incentives to keep yourself motivated. Whether it's a healthy version of your favorite meal, an episode of your favorite netflix show, or a new piece of workout gear, we are sure that these small additions will keep you motivated to keep pushing until you have a routine established. Think of brushing your teeth. When you were young, your parents would buy the sweet tooth ....

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear

    The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear

    Having the right gear to compliment your workout is extremely important, not only for the aesthetics, but for comfort and range of motion as well! We all know there is nothing worse than being halfway through a workout and realizing you aren't quite comfortable. Fabric: One of the key components to a good piece of workout gear is the fabric and feel. When looking for tops and bottoms, sway away from cotton as it tends to show sweat and does not keep you insulated and cooled. Look for polyester based fabrics as they are sweat-wicking, durable, and absorb moisture. Convenience and Practicality: Mens workout gear is almost always equipped with pockets, zippers, and drawstrings ....

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  •  How to Introduce Exercise to your Weekly Schedule

    How to Introduce Exercise to your Weekly Schedule

    Finding the time to workout within your weekly schedule can be difficult and sometimes seem impossible. But, we have some tips and tricks for you to use to ensure you can fit your workout with Excel Body Fitness into your weekly routine, every week! Time Batching: Time batching is a very great way to plan out your day and really see it hour by hour. This way, it appears as though you have more time to do the things you want to do when you see it all laid out in front of you. That 1 hour break that you’d normally scroll on your phone… replace it with a workout instead! There are numerous planners, calendars, and notebooks that have a time-batching section already ....

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  • Healthy Meal Swaps That Will Satisfy

    Healthy Meal Swaps That Will Satisfy

    When transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, it can be hard to let go of all of the delicious foods you know and love. But, you're in luck because we have a few swaps you can make to still enjoy your favorite foods while staying on track. Lentil/Chickpea Pasta: If you're craving a bowl of pasta, head to your local market and pick up some Lentil/Chickpea based pasta. Not only does it still taste delicious, but it is packed with proteins and nutrients. In just one serving, there is 14g of protein, compared to the standard 2g in traditional pastas. Cauliflower Rice: Who doesn't love a good asian stir fry or fajita bowl? Swap out your typical white or brown rice with ....

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  • Meal Planning For Beginners

    Meal Planning For Beginners

    Although meal planning may seem intimidating at first, it really is a great/simple way to get started with eating properly during your fitness journey! Many people love meal planning because it forces them to stay regimented and stay on track with their nutrition even when they may not want to. Here are a couple tips/tricks on how to meal plan as a beginner: Start Small You don't have to go all out right off the bat! Start with having one meal per day prepped and ready for the week, and slightly increase the amount of prepped meals you have when you feel ready. Meal Plan Foods you Enjoy! There are so many healthy alternatives to the foods you know and love and this can ....

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  • Common Fitness Mistakes and How to Avoid Them:

    Common Fitness Mistakes and How to Avoid Them:

    Beginners and experts in the world of fitness all make mistakes throughout their journey that can easily be avoided. Today we are here to point out some of these common mistakes and tell you just how to avoid making them: Incorrect Form: One of the most common mistakes in the fitness world has to be improper form. You may do a specific movement with improper form for months/years without even realizing it! Now, this is not a mistake to ignore, as it can lead to injury. One of the best ways to ensure you have proper form is to start in-person group fitness classes or consulting with a certified personal trainer. Look for an instructor who pays attention to specially new people ....

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  • Why Diet is Just as Important as Fitness

    Why Diet is Just as Important as Fitness

    A common misconception among beginners in fitness is that you can workout and then eat whatever you want. Although we wish it could be that simple, this unfortunately is far from the truth. Your diet actually surpasses fitness in importance by a landslide at a 75 to 25 ratio. As many say, “Your body is made in the kitchen”! You can’t out-exercise a bad diet, and that is why you should also focus on nutrition! The traditional rule regarding calories simply means that for every kilogram of body weight, you will need to eat 30 calories. For example, if you are 132 pounds (60 kg), you need (30 X 60 =) 1800 calories per-day to maintain your weight. This rule of thumb ....

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