Best Place to Sweat

Best Place to Sweat

We’re Proud to be the 2012 Diamond Winner of the Best Place to Sweat – voted by the Readers of Cary Living and two-time nominee for Best of Western Wake Maggy Awards for Best Fitness Club.

Even more than community awards, what thrills us is the accolades of our happy members. See before and after pictures and read testimonials from our members.

Here’s an example testimonial:

I’d like to express my sincerest appreciation and thanks to all of the staff and trainers at Excel Body Fitness (XBF), and a special thanks to Carolee Auslander. I was introduced to XBF back in April 2010 by Steve Poythress who was a member that significantly benefited from the 12-week program and underwent a life changing transformation by losing over 26 pounds and a body fat loss of 10 percent. I thought to myself, if he could do it — then so could I! I began with the 4-week slim down session and immediately realized that the staff was truly committed to fitness, nutrition and going beyond to make sure their members succeeded with meeting their desired goals.

[comparebar name=’Aubrey’]Although I was seeing results, I wasn’t truly committed to the program as I was either away on business travel or was just plain lazy and decided to stay home, lay around and eat. At this point I was always tired, didn’t want to play any physical games with my kids — basically I was ready for a transformation. I joined the 12-week session that began on January 3, 2011. This time I was mentally focused and was committed to succeeding. I began the program weighing 240 pounds. In 12-weeks, I lost 34 pounds and is down from a waist size of 40 to a comfortable 34. I have an elevator at my work. While it is very convenient, I have chosen to take the staircase. I am also preparing myself for an upcoming 5k run! I could not have done this without Carolee’s challenging and rigorous exercise routines, motivating me to go beyond my potential, and most of all her advice and follow-ups on my nutritional efforts. I also have to give a special thanks to Steve, who turned me on to XBF. He kept me focused on my eating habits, made sure I attended every class, and most of all encouraging me to compete with him at every task! I will never forget being outside in the morning doing push ups in my driveway while Steve walked out to take his kids to daycare. That’s what I call true dedication! I am a true proponent of XBF and all that it has shown me. Today I am feeling 10 years younger and my wife is thrilled. I am able to play outside with the kids without becoming exhausted. And I get frequent compliments from co-workers and friends about my physical transformation. To that end, I challenge you to give XBF a try! I can attest, it will change your life forever! I just started the 4-week slim down today and is looking forward to the upcoming Fall 12-Week session.


Aubrey D. Surgers
Postal Inspector Program Manager
Revenue/Product Security
USPS Computer Incident Response Team
919-501-9458 office

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