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Heidi’s motto for life is Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Faith. By embracing this motto, she was able to transform her life and lives what we call The Excel Lifestyle.

Here’s a sample newsletter from The Excel Mindset Series:

Down is Optional

Up is Mandatory

~Grand Canyon National Park

Mindset Emails: The Excel MindsetWe have a special bonus week in our X-series this time around, so let’s get started on “Lessons from the Canyon” as promised. The sign quoted above is one of the actual “warning” signs you encounter at the head of most trails. The basic idea is you have a choice to make about how far you go down into the canyon, but you have to take into consideration you will need to come back up as far as you go down.

I’ve been thinking about this idea related to our lifelong journeys in fitness. A wise Excel member once commented “every minute you are either improving your fitness or lessening it.” Sadly, it is a true statement. We all have times when things are going great and maintaining the fitness routines comes pretty easily. Staying on top is not a problem. But then come the times that get more challenging. For whatever reason fitness takes a back seat.

This last year was a challenging year for me. Injury and the challenges of life mean I find myself further down the canyon than I’d like to admit. Were my reasons valid? Absolutely. Could I have made different choices along the way and maybe not gone so far down the path? Absolutely. Does any of that actually matter now? Nope. The fact is I am standing at bottom of the canyon and it is time to go back up. Does it help to complain about how far down I am? Nope. The only way out is to climb back up.

Down is optional. Up is mandatory. The way up is to turn around and start climbing. They say you should expect the hike back up to take twice as long as the hike down. On the way, you will regret how far down you went, but the only way out is to keep climbing.

So where are you on the journey? Are you holding steady at the top? Great. Remind yourself on a regular basis how you got here and how you will stay. Are you down the trail a little further than you would like? Turn around as soon as you can. Every step further down will have to be recovered on the way up. Are you at the bottom but ready to start the climb? We’ve got your back. Let’s do this together. Time to stop focusing on the would have, should have, could haves and just start climbing.

Watch for more “Lessons from the Canyon” in coming weeks!

Have a great week!
Coach Heidi

The Excel Mindset

Heidi Kleine is an Excel Body Fitness success story. After beginning with Carolee’s X-series program in the fall of 2010, Heidi lost over 100 pounds and by sticking with it, she has kept the weight off. She shares her insights and suggestions for living this new, healthy lifestyle through her coaching practice, Heidi Kleine Coaching.