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Peggy Turbides, Fitness Instructor

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Peggy Turbides

Originally from New York, I relocated to North Carolina in 2010 with my daughter, Helaina.  It was just the two of us and building a life in a new place was daunting and sometimes lonely.  I missed my family and my friends.  So I set out to find my place, my people….and that’s when I discovered yoga.  Becoming part of the yoga community has been one of the most fulfilling yet humbling experiences of my life.  The moment I stepped into the yoga room, I felt like something powerful was happening.  That powerful force kept bringing me back, kept me wanting more.  As I deepened my practice, my life started to shift a little.  I felt like I was becoming a better mother, a better friend, a better person all around.  I began to want everyone I know to experience this wonder that is yoga.  Teaching yoga was the next step…a way to share my journey with others.   Every time I teach a class, I hope each and every yogi walks away feeling a little more grounded, a little more grateful and a little more loved than they did when they walked in.  That is what yoga is for me and teaching allows me to project that.  Practicing with this amazing tribe of yogis has truly been, and continues to be life changing!  Love to you all yogis…Namaste

RYT200 Certified

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