feiMy name is Fei. I was born and raised in Malaysia. In 1996, I moved to the United States to study at college. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Accounting. I am happily married to a loving husband, David, who I met in Memphis, Tennessee. We have two beautiful daughters. We moved to Cary, North Carolina a few years ago in 2010.

I wasn’t an athlete before in my life, and because of my lack of physical activity, I began to feel knee and back pain in my late 20s. I often blamed it on the mattress and pillows I slept on, thinking it was the cause of the discomfort. However, seeing my fitness level and slowly declining health at the age I was, I decided to join the gym in hopes of some improvements. I decided to start with yoga, assuming that it was an “easy” start. I immediately hooked onto yoga and found it not not relaxing, but challenging and fun as well. After numerous months of practice, I felt the knee and back pain gradually subside. Yoga has changed me both internally and externally.

Yoga has been such an exhilarating and life changing experience for me, so I want to share the gift of yoga with others. I have completed 200 hours of teacher training at YTT Journey. In my classes, I focus on breathing, proper alignment, and more all in safe, flowing, and graceful practice with modification.