Mickey Hang is a Kinesiology graduate from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. His passion for health and wellness is what propels him to get you results! He specializes in weight loss, functional, and athletic programming but can accommodate any other program. Mickey understands the challenges that fitness goals may have because he has had his fair share. In high school he was always the skinny kid until he started lifting weights. Not too long after, Mickey graduated college and was overweight but came to Full Time Fitness and put himself to work to lose 30 pounds in months. Ever since, Mickey has maintained his health and exercise regimen. You will be sure to reach your goals as Mickey preaches consistency is the key to success! Lift, eat, sleep and repeat!

I can’t believe after all these years you have moved and our training sessions have stopped. In case you ever need a reference, you can have anyone call me ANYTIME at 602-820-5377. After 2-3 times a week for at least 3 years, I think I know your training style better than anyone…

When we started out, I had the crazy idea of getting in shape for obstacle course races (Mudruns, Spartans, Savage Races, etc..). I was far from ready (had not trained or worked out regularly in quite a while) and a bit scared, but having just come out of a recent divorce, it was the type of mental/physical diversion I needed. I remember you knew nothing of OCR’s back then, but researched a ton and created specialized training exercises to help me prepare. You filled buckets with weights, added lots of running, simulated different events and focused a lot on my weak areas (upper body and grip strength for climbing ropes, log carries, monkey bars, etc…). Your knowledge of which muscle groups are used in each exercise, which are primary and secondary, and which exercises complement other exercises, to get the maximum amount out of each session, always impressed the hell out of me. UNCG taught you a lot and you obviously paid a lot of attention. You always did a great job of mixing up the sessions – muscle group focus, types of exercises in each circuit, varying number of reps or adding drop sets, and throwing in something new to keep the sessions fresh.

The end result was after 6 months, I completed my first race, and then completed about 10 more, even leading my age bracket once (I was 48 then). Without your partnership, I could have never done it.

In the last year, we entered a different phase of our training, one where I was constantly plagued by varying injuries (as you know, mostly not from training, but from other issues). You were awesome at adjusting the training around my shoulder issue, around my pulled groin, around my arm issue. You incorporated more stretches, adjusted different exercises, avoided other exercises, and did a good job of just keeping me going, which at times was hard. I was injured, down a lot, stressed a lot at work, and brought a low and sometimes negative energy to the sessions. You always knew the right things to say and do to keep me going. I appreciated that. We called that period the “REHAB sessions.”

You were really good at encouraging me when I was down, tired, in a funk, or feeling like I wasn’t making progress. You frequently pushed me beyond what I thought I could do, but never beyond what I could do. I occasionally dreaded coming to sessions, because the work we were doing was hard, but by the end of each session, I was always happy we did the work. When we had a free moment, we always had great conversations about techno, food and fishing. Your humor and genuine nature were always appreciated.

I know whatever you end up doing next, in training or otherwise, you will be successful. Lets keep in touch.

Doug Townsend